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“Now, you could even argue whether being a Muslim is actually a religion”


The words were spoken recently by Ron Ramsey, Tennessee’s lieutentant governor and a man running for governor of the state.

He was referring to the potential expansion of a mosque in the town of Murfressboro. Ramsey is opposed to the idea, because, well, he has to be opposed to it. He’s a far-right Republican being endorsed by the Tea Party. What other choice does he have?


The other day my daughter performed in her camp musical gala. Her group grooved to Neil Diamond’s America. The entire song is about the beauty and appeal of the United States—how people of all walks of life strive to come here and live the dream. It’s a lovely thought, but in 2010 why would anyone (who’s not a right-leaning conservative with xenophobic leanings) want to come to America? We’re quickly becoming a nation that welcomes nobody; that caters to the worst of our own fears and has yet to even remotely recover from the aftermath of 9.11. Instead of extending our arms, we slam the door on anyone who seems … different … strange … out there. For the Tea Partiers and their ilk, that means (sadly) anyone who isn’t Christian; anyone who doesn’t have white skin; anyone who speaks a different language. It’s an ugly scene and an ugly world, and I’m getting tired of dealing with it.

I love America, but I loathe what America is becoming.