We spoke with my mother in law today. Though we’re in Spain and she’s in Florida, the news is no less jarring: Bristol and Levi are not getting married after all.


Absolutely staggering.

When love brings two people together, only the devil can split them apart. And since Sarah Palin is, factually, el diablo, I blame her. Then again, I don’t blame her. I blame myself. I could have helped those two kids; could have talked to them about commitment and togetherness; about the power of two coming together to conquer the world. I could have told them that America needs hope, and sometimes hope takes an odd form. I could have told them about my own marriage—how, after having appeared naked in Playgirl, my wife still agreed to take me as her husband.

Life is funny, I would tell Bristol and Levi, and just because your fiance impregnated another woman doesn’t mean he can’t impregnate you (again), too.

Worst of all, what will Sarah do? With Levi and Bristol together, we had the perfect first family in place. They could have held hands, walked on the stage, screamed to the GOP Convention, “Yes, you can be 18 and mildly impaired and still work things out!”

Yes We Can!

PS: And Sarah Palin is against gay marriage. Friggin’ ludicrous.

8 thoughts on “WHAT!?”

  1. I had one anti-gay marriage idiot tell me gay marriage would ruin the “sanctity” of marriage.

    Uh huh…and he’s divorced from the woman he met on the Internet and married a few weeks later.

    Where do these people come from?

  2. Not sure how SP being against Gay Marriage has anything to do with this.
    No Wait! Now I get. Levi is actually a woman.
    Or is it that Bristol is a lesbian?
    Oh, wait, maybe I don’t get it.

    1. How about Sarah is against gays getting married, even when there’s true love and commitment and maturity there. Yet I guarantee you she would have been there at her daughter’s wedding to the crumb.

  3. You know what else would have been at that wedding, Jeff? Cameras. Unlike the Clintons, who kept Chelsea’s wedding as private as possible, the Palins would have milked it for all it was worth.

  4. Jeff
    It was clear SP (I’m not any kind of supporter) didn’t like Levi.
    She was supportive of her child.
    I can’t really see a reason to fault her on this.
    There is plenty to fault her about, but not because she is supportive of her child.
    Would she support a gay child? Don’t know, and neither do you.

  5. Clive; the Clintons spent over a million dollars on their daughter’s wedding. I don’t know if I would cite them as examples of restraint.

    Jeff; the real question is, why do you give a shit whether or not Bristol Palin marries this jackass or not??

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