E-mail of the day …

I love the ol’ nobody-gives-a-shit-about-your-opinion-so-here’s-my-letter notes.
Regarding your “article” in SI about Clemens, you’re an ass who is under
the false assumption that folks give a shit about your opinion.  Performance
enhancing drugs later in life, or not, he was more of an athlete in elementary school  than
you’ll ever be viewed as an “author” in your prime.

2 thoughts on “E-mail of the day …”

  1. Jeff you know this guy may be right.
    Did you or did you not take nodoze to write some of your stories?
    We know you took the weaker stuff, you have even admitted to hanging around coffee shops.
    The big question … did you ever step up to the stronger stuff?
    I’m betting you cheated through college cramming with Coffee and Mountain Dew.

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