My least-favorite athlete (hands down)


Is there a bigger (literally and figuratively) joke in football than Washington’s Albert Haynesworth?

There’s a report today that the Skins and Titans are talking trade, which bums me out. Because this man deserves to wallow in misery in Washington; deserves to learn what it means to be responsible and honor a commitment.

To recap: Washington signed Haynesworth to a $100 million contract in 2009 as a free agent. Mike Shanahan, as respected a coach as there is, was hired in January. Haynesworth refused to participate in offseason drills because—poor guy—he didn’t want to play the 3-4 defense. He lobbied for a trade, and Shanahan said he would gladly find a new town for the man. Then, Haynesworth accepte a $21 million bonus from the Redskins in April.

To quote “Haynesworth skipped a mandatory minicamp and was fined. In training camp, Shanahan required Haynesworth to pass a conditioning test before practicing, which Haynesworth didn’t do until the 10th day of camp. Then Shanahan made Haynesworth play almost the entire game Thursday in the preseason finale against Arizona when the regular starters had the night off. Haynesworth played 49 of 55 snaps and was on the field in the final minutes.”

He was insulted.

Generally speaking, I side with players over management. Almost always. But this is ludicrous. When I sign to write a book, I bust my ass to make it as good as possible. When you sign for $100 million to play football, you bust your ass. Again—you bust your ass.

I truly hope the trade falls through.

I hope Haynesworth has to play the 3-4.

I hope he gets benched—and learns from it.


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