Impulse purchase

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Ran into 7-Eleven today to pick up some goodies. They were selling the AS SEEN ON TV sunglasses for $9.99. I love yellow tint, so I purchased a pair. Totally dig ’em—then got home.

THE WIFE: “What are you wearing?”

ME: “My new glasses! Only $9.99!”

THE WIFE: “You overpaid.”

I maintain they’re sorta funky cool.

Your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Impulse purchase”

  1. Those glasses are acceptable if:

    1. They’re being worn as safety glasses during a woodworking project.

    2. They’re given as a joke gift.

    3. They’re being thrown in the garbage.

    That’s about it.

  2. Previously I said this about you:

    “He’s a good enough writer, if there were no sports, he actually could make a living off of food and fashion.
    Well maybe not fashion I saw the shorts and I saw the haircut. But food, ya.”

    I stand by that, only now I’ll add, “I saw the glasses”.

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