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Was talking with a friend earlier today, who happens to be a loyal and longtime Jets fan.

“So who would you rather have as your QB,” I asked, “Mark Sanchez or Eli Manning?”

He answered in one second: “Sanchez, no question.”

I told him he was on crack.

Obviously, following tonight’s painful Jets loss to Baltimore, I still believe it.

Eli Manning has had something of a mixed career. Up, down, up, down. But, over the past few years, he’s been mostly up. Accuracy problems aren’t what they once were; he looks off receivers beautifully; seems to have the respect of teammates. Is he his brother or Tom Brady or Drew Brees? No. But besides those three, no NFL QBs seem to be that much better. Eli isn’t quite elite, but he’s in that second tier.

Sanchez, on the other hand, strikes me as a rookie-esque QB. Doesn’t go through reads, slumps his shoulders a whole lot, mixes brilliant throws with terrible ones. He was thoroughly outclassed by Joe Flacco, who, I must say, is pretty damn good (and a Blue Hen). If you gave me the choice, right now, of Sanchez, Bradford, Matt Ryan or Flacco, I take Flacco without flinching.

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  1. uhhhh…Roethlisberger? Rodgers? McNabb? Rivers?

    ALL better than Eli. Yes, even Big Ben, as much as I hate him and his team. 2 Super Bowl rings and his team’s a sleeper to win the SB when he comes back. Considering the factthat he has the shittiest offensive line of any guy who has won a SB in the last couple years (and he TAKES his share of hits) and made one of the best passes in SB history should put him above Eli.

    Also, Bradford’s going to be good…but I’m hesitant because his team sucks. Steve Spagnuola is good, but the Rams have drafted as bad as Matt Millen did in Detroit before he became HC. Not much to work with.

  2. Of course, you’re comparing a guy in his seventh season to a guy who just started year two. Remember how bad Eli looked as a rookie? Give Sanchez some time.

  3. Sanchez was vastly overrated by the Jets. He’s actually the perfect qb for the jets because he’s good-looking and has that USC rep (even though the only good qb to come from there is Palmer) so he gets a lot of hype.

    And that’s all the Jets are: Hype.

    Did you hear about the terrible train crash in New York? The Jets’s hype-train fell off the tracks as soon as a Raven flapped its wings.

  4. Keith Ryan Cartwright

    “Is he his brother or Tom Brady or Drew Brees? No. But besides those three, no NFL QBs seem to be that much better.”

    I think Aaron Rodgers is “that much better” than Eli.

  5. Eli is pretty good. Sanchez was and is wildly overrated, which is fitting considering the same can be said of the organization who drafted him with the 5th overall pick and guaranteed him over $20m to not throw the ball.

    If the Jets are having second thoughts, I’d be willing to do the same for half price.

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