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Mark Sanchez


Was talking with a friend earlier today, who happens to be a loyal and longtime Jets fan.

“So who would you rather have as your QB,” I asked, “Mark Sanchez or Eli Manning?”

He answered in one second: “Sanchez, no question.”

I told him he was on crack.

Obviously, following tonight’s painful Jets loss to Baltimore, I still believe it.

Eli Manning has had something of a mixed career. Up, down, up, down. But, over the past few years, he’s been mostly up. Accuracy problems aren’t what they once were; he looks off receivers beautifully; seems to have the respect of teammates. Is he his brother or Tom Brady or Drew Brees? No. But besides those three, no NFL QBs seem to be that much better. Eli isn’t quite elite, but he’s in that second tier.

Sanchez, on the other hand, strikes me as a rookie-esque QB. Doesn’t go through reads, slumps his shoulders a whole lot, mixes brilliant throws with terrible ones. He was thoroughly outclassed by Joe Flacco, who, I must say, is pretty damn good (and a Blue Hen). If you gave me the choice, right now, of Sanchez, Bradford, Matt Ryan or Flacco, I take Flacco without flinching.