Not so simple

A TV reporter named Ines Sainz has accused several members of the New York Jets of sexually inappropriate behavior during a recent practice. According to Sainz, a bunch of players and coaches deliberately tried to run into Sainz during a passing drill. According to Pro Football Talk, Sainz was greeted in the locker room by catcalls and hooting. When a reporter approached Sainz to see if she was OK, lineman Kris Jenkins screamed, “This is our locker room!”

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

But not just the Jets.

Every so often, a situation like this one arises, where a female reporter—attractive, young, well aware of the power of image—walks into a men’s professional sports arena dressed completely and totally inappropriately, then is shocked (shocked!) when the dolt inmates hoot and hollar.

To start with, here is what Sainz was allegedly wearing:


Is she naked? No. In a swimsuit? No. But what sort of professional journalist wears tight jeans and exposes a bare midriff … while covering an event? It’s pathetic, and screams a great deal about your professionalism—or lack thereof.

This is a funny business, and reporters use whatever edge they can to snag an interview and land an exclusive. Veteran beat writers (generally men) will exchange secrets for secrets—I’ll tell you what the manager says off-the-record about you, you tell me if you’re planning on demanding a trade. Reporters will capitzlize on connections (I was friends with your brother’s old coach) and exploit weaknesses. You do what you have to.

The increased sexualization of female reporters, however, troubles me. You see it more and more and more–and if often works. A slinky outfit, a soft voice … athletes are much more likely to grant an interview to a beautiful woman than a XXXL-sweater-wearing schlub with bad BO. But, come day’s end, America’s athletes aren’t the brightest bulbs. They’re often used to conquests—be they in athletics or more sexual in nature. They see women as objects, and if you doubt me check out the line of wives/girlfriends waiting outside the locker room after games.

Again, the Jets who allegedly did this are a bunch of immature, pathetic assholes, and if the league doesn’t fine them, well, something’s wrong.

But when you refer to yourself as “the sexiest sports reporter in Mexico” …

… and present yourself as this …

05_Flatbed_WEB - SEPTEMBER05_Flatbed_WEB - SEPTEMBER05_Flatbed_WEB - SEPTEMBER

… you’re not going to be granted the respect of a Robin Roberts or Suzy Kolber or Shelley Smith.

You’re going to be oggled by the dolts.

Because that’s what they do.

PS: Here is her Twitter page. Sometimes people need to decide what they want to be.

17 thoughts on “Not so simple”

  1. Jeff, I think she has decided what she wants to be.

    And if she is looking to make a name for herself in sports television, she’s probably chosen wisely.

  2. I hate those kinds of reporters. But then again I hate former athletes who become reporters and can’t analyze anything and just muck up a broadcast. If a woman is knowledgeable, then great, she’s ok. But this woman is just selling sex, not sports. And i couldn’t care less about anything she has to say.

  3. Maybe I live in the land of unicorns and rainbows but to me abhorrent behavior should never be excused because it is the norm.

    Did Ms. Sainz dress inappropriately? Barely, but even if she had gone in their in a bikini these guys are paid millions upon millions of dollars to not just play a game but also represent an organization, and act in a professional manner. It may be a touch polyana-ish to demand or expect these men to act like gentleman worthy of their stature and income but I’d rather we aspire toward that notion then offer excuses for this broke down trailer were stuck with.

  4. What was wrong with what she was wearing? She wasn’t showing skin.
    It’s more professional then a middle aged, out of shape sportswriter wearing flip flops, shorts and a shirt way too small for his fat gut.

  5. Just wondering… 2 questions:
    1. How many males at her age and with scant journalistic experience would get such a plum assignment?
    2. Since we’re dealing with double standards, are male reporters allowed in the locker rooms of women’s professional sports teams?

  6. I see your point, Jeff, I really do. However, you’re getting a wee bit too close to the “she was asking for it!” rape defense here, IMHO.

  7. Publicity = $$$$$

    This little episode will earn her a tidy wage.
    At least she hasn’t stooped to the “stolen” sex tape path.
    She knew what she was wearing would create a response. Doesn’t excuse the response, she just knew what she was doing.

    Zeke raises a good question. Can men go into the women’s dressing room?

  8. Yes, in one sense, I see Jeff as “blaming the victim.” But on the other hand, tight jeans do not seem professional to me, either. Nevertheless, if one of my co-workers came in wearing what Ines was wearing, she might be asked to go home and change, or not wear it again, but I guarantee you, if any male dared to make catcalls and the like, they wouldn’t be employed very long.

  9. Keane:

    If I were comparing the particulars, you would be correct. I’m just comparing the attitudes.

    Possibly a better comparison would be that Jeff sounds like my 67 year old mother, who has a granddaughter (my oldest) in high school. And the next time my mother mutters about “dressing like a slut!” any time my daughter or one of her friends is wearing something less than full body armor, I’m going to scream.

    Jeff’s in for a shock when his kids get HS age, because the first picture (the tight jeans and shirt) is MILD compared to what you see in your basic American HS nowadays. And college? Don’t get me started. I went back to college a few years back. I’m 45 and surrounded by 20 year olds that make that first picture itself look like body armor. Shit, her shirt has *sleeves*. And she’s wearing pants, not shorts that show butt cheek. And this deserves catcalls from a bunch of neanderthals? And Jeff’s pointing the finger at *her*? Jeff needs to get out more.

  10. All the people banging pots and pans against their heads about this episode are being a little ridiculous. She’s a provacatively dressed woman covering professional football players. What did you think would happen? What do you think she figured would happen?

    People are living in oppression worldwide and we’re spilling ink over this.

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