Andrew Cohen

One of my son’s best pals is a 3-year-old boy named Andrew. He’s a wonderful little guy with a cute smile, an awkward shyness—and a horrible form of cancer called Neuroblastoma.

Pepsi is currently running a competition, called the Pepsi Refresh Project, that awards a $250,000 grant to a great new idea. A mother at Sloan Kettering, where Andrew is being treated, has started a foundation for Neuroblastoma and is applying for the grant (which would help fund a better version of post-chemo treatment for Andrew).
I don’t ask many favors here, but I’ll ask this one. If you have a second, go to this website and vote on Andrew’s behalf. It means a great deal.



3 thoughts on “Andrew Cohen”

  1. Went to vote and a pop up making me sign up for something. The second set of letters had some Greek letters I couldn’t type. Hope the vote goes through.

    If you want to get to me, talk about kids, I love ’em.

  2. Voted.

    Every time you write something like this, I get home and I just hug my son until he squirms and tries to get away.

    God bless Andrew and all little kids dealing with insidious illnesses like this.

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