Reggie Bush


I’ve been watching a bit of ESPN today, and all they keep jabbering about is the Heisman Trophy, and whether Vince Young should now receive the 2005 award.

My take: Who gives a shit?

Seriously. We’re talking about a trophy here. A trophy. Not Einstein theory. Not world peace. Not life. Not death. A trophy. A football trophy. From five years ago. Hell, Young doesn’t even seem to want the damn thing. Happened so long ago, I don’t blame him. The guy has moved on. We all have.

That said, Reggie Bush just strikes me as a nothing. Kids beg for his autograph, fans wear his jersey—and I find him to be a yutz. OK player, but far from the phenom we expected when he entered the league. Just a good, solid player who can’t run inside and does some occassionally amazing things to remind us what we all thought he was going to be.

But isn’t.

5 thoughts on “Reggie Bush”

  1. So many Heisman winners simply are average at best in the NFL.
    It is more a popularity contest than an actual indicator of the most outstanding college football player in college.

    Case in point. Was there any player more outstanding than Ndamukong Suh last year? I don’t think so. Being a lineman isn’t all that glamorous. So we got a running back winning the award instead.

  2. If it’s on espn what else should they be talking about? It’s a sports channel. I agree with all other points. Bush is a huge disappointment. Since college I’ve been disappointed very few times with much anticipated bush. This is by far the worst.

  3. Jeff,

    I agree with you on most thing, but not so much on this one. “Who gives a shit?”: the people who watch and care about college football. Remember too, dude, you were watching ESPN, who’s focus is sports; you were not watching CNN nor BBC. I can’t surely watch CNN and then complain that all they are talking about is the upcoming mid-terms.

  4. Yeah, I agree that nobody gives a shit and that it’s a trophy.
    Bush can’t be the only Heisman winner to accept under the table deals and he won’t be the last.
    Just put an asterisk on the trophy. Winning the Heisman isn’t that big of a deal anyway. A bunch of mediocre guys have won it.

  5. I have always felt that Vince Young should have won the 2005 Heisman. But I’m glad that it will remain vacant. Spiller should have won last year!!

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