Carmelo to Jersey?

I’m no longer a real fan of the NBA, but I grew up rooting for the Nets. Why would a New York kid pull for the crappy team in town? Because while the Knicks consistently entertained with the likes of Ewing and Action Jackson and Oakley, the Nets entertained via ineptitude. Within a very narrow span, they used first-round draft picks on Jeff Turner, Pearl Washington, Dennis Hopson and Chris Morris. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Hence, while I no longer consider myself a Nets fan, I do pay attention.

The latest rumors of the Carmelo Anthony trade have caught my attention. First, I’m still unsure why a team like Denver trades a talent like ‘Melo. If he’s unhappy, make him happy. Get him better teammates, pay him more, whatever. The man is, clearly, a franchise-carrying genre of player. Just like you don’t trade LeBron or Wade, you don’t trade Carmelo Anthony. Second, if the Nets can lock Anthony up while only parting with Devin Harris (a very good player), Derrick Favors (a rookie—jury is out) and a protected future No. 1, they have to do it. Have. To. No questions asked. With Anthony, the Nets are a playoff team now. Without him, they’re a joke.

As for Anthony not wanting to come to Jersey—bad move. Admittedly, playing in Newark for a spell won’t be fun. But Brooklyn—well, Brooklyn has the potential to be a truly amazing experience. New state-of-the-art arena, rabid fans, wealthy-beyond-wealthy new owner, new nickname, new uniforms. Hell, I’d rather take my shot with the Nets than the Knicks—no questions asked.

So will the trade happen? I’m skeptical. Four-team deals are complicated, and the Nuggets just don’t seem to be receiving enough value.

Hmm …

5 thoughts on “Carmelo to Jersey?”

  1. If you’re the Nuggets you HAVE to trade Carmelo Anthony or you risk getting nothing back for him when he inevitably leaves.

    Unlike LeBron, Carmelo has no ties whatsoever to Denver. He’s not from there.

    Just like nobody wants to really play in Cleveland (LeBron) or Toronto (Bosh; T-Mac; Vince Carter), nobody really wants meet Carmelo halfway and go to Denver.

  2. I’m fascinated with the Nets taking aim at the NYK’s place in the NYC sports scene. They’re easily the softest target imaginable. They seem to enjoy a NY Giants stature with a NY Mets resume.

  3. Lebron left Cleveland and the Cavs received virtually nothing in return.

    Carmelo has all but said he wants out of Denver. He’s essentially turned down Denver’s max contract offer and can leave after this season. Denver has to trade him now, or they will lose him for nothing.

    This, among other reasons, is why the NBA stinks now.

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