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I am a free agent

Tonight, while eating dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse (long story), I had a lengthy discussion with my mother in law. She’s a relatively religious Jew, and I’m a relatively unreligious Jew. My family recently joined the local synagogue, but primarly for the sake of our kids. Do I plan on becoming a regular at temple? Unlikely.

In fact, to some degree the synagogue might have the opposite impact. Generally speaking, the closer I come to actual Judaic activity, the less interested I am. I sit there, relatively bored, watching those around me recite the same mindless lines over and over. Are they even thinking about the depth behind the words? I doubt it. It all tends to make me angry—do these people even believe in God, or are they here because of pressure? Because of guilt? Because of mindless adherence to tradition?

I digress. As we spoke and debated, I told my mother in law that religion should be like the search for a college. At an age when we’re relatively mature and aware, we’re presented with a handful of pamphlets.




A person could read, study, debate—then make a well-informed decision. Being serious, it makes perfect sense. Why should we be born into faith, when it means so much? Why do so few of us decide on our own?

Hence, I am officially a free agent. Muslims—woo me. Baptists—bring the heat. Catholics—well, you don’t really have a shot. But try, dammit. Try!

I’m all ears.  🙂