Rants of an angry writer from a coffee shop

OK, so I don’t have a right to complain about loud talkers in a coffee shop. Or private-school snob punks in a coffee shop. Or uncomfortable seats, limited outlets, off-again-on-again Wifi.

But can I at least whine about loud cell phone talkers?

Answer: Yes.

When I have to make a call from here, I either step outside or whisper. Why is that so hard?

And why am I so bitchy today?

Answer: Because I’ve written about the same topic for 864,221 days in a row.

3 thoughts on “Rants of an angry writer from a coffee shop”

  1. Some of us old guys have trouble hearing, especially if the guy on the other end is whispering or something. 😉

    Had a phone one time that was a piece of …
    Had to talk real load for the other side to hear.

    I try not to talk on the phone at all.
    Never thought I would ever have one of those cell phones then for about 2 years I had to carry 2 of them.

  2. i find that if you pretend they’re talking to you and answer all their questions. respond to all their statements…they tend to go away. i also like to stop and stand directly in the path of people more interested in texting than watching where they are walking.

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