A really bad woman

If Sharron Angle wins in Nevada, well, I’d like to say I’d be done with Nevada, but the wife has never been to Las Vegas and I sorta owe her a trip there and, well, I won’t be done with Nevada. But I’ll question the 52 percent of the state’s residents who voted for such a moron.

Alas, Angle is not merely a moron. This is one of the most blatantly racist/xenophobic political ads I’ve seen—maybe the worst since Helms’ lose-jobs-to-blacks classic of two decades back. Look how all the whites are glowing and pure; how all the Hispanics are evil and looming and criminal.

Politicians always say “[X] should be ashamed …” and 99 percent of the time it’s just a line. But Angle truly should be ashamed. This is disgusting—but typically Republican.

PS: For a laugh, here’s a great website, via Andrew Sullivan: Sexy Halloween costumes that shouldn’t exist.

PPS: Texas over San Francisco in seven.

4 thoughts on “A really bad woman”

  1. Jeff have you changed your mind about hoping Harry Reid loses? I thought you also said and correct me if I am wrong that he is the worst politician.

  2. Typical race-baiting by the Republican party..they’ve been doing it for years, remember the “Southern Strategy”?

    Shame people are left with no option but the odious Harry Reid..

  3. This is what happens when the Republican party goes from the party of guys like George Will & Ben Stein to the party of people who post comments at the end of online newspaper articles.

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