A really bad woman

If Sharron Angle wins in Nevada, well, I’d like to say I’d be done with Nevada, but the wife has never been to Las Vegas and I sorta owe her a trip there and, well, I won’t be done with Nevada. But I’ll question the 52 percent of the state’s residents who voted for such a moron.

Alas, Angle is not merely a moron. This is one of the most blatantly racist/xenophobic political ads I’ve seen—maybe the worst since Helms’ lose-jobs-to-blacks classic of two decades back. Look how all the whites are glowing and pure; how all the Hispanics are evil and looming and criminal.

Politicians always say “[X] should be ashamed …” and 99 percent of the time it’s just a line. But Angle truly should be ashamed. This is disgusting—but typically Republican.

PS: For a laugh, here’s a great website, via Andrew Sullivan: Sexy Halloween costumes that shouldn’t exist.

PPS: Texas over San Francisco in seven.