Global Melting

A quick point I’d like to make, and I’d love to hear the takes of others:

The truth is, neither people like myself nor arch-conservatives know with 100-percent certainty that global warming is happening or not happening. I think it is … you think it isn’t—we’re not scientists, so we don’t know. Not with irrefutable evidence on our sides (Meaning I can’t, literally, show you my own self-developed diagram on what’s happening).

As the father of two young children, however, I am unwilling to take a chance on this one. Let’s say, even hypothetically, that global warming is happening and that, if we do nothing, the earth is cooked. We’ll just make it a sheer hypothetic. A 2 percent chance of being right, and no more. Even with that being the case, we’d be friggin’ inane to do nothing, or to blow it off—because if those who believe in warming are right, the future of this planet is in serious, serious trouble.

So, yeah, I’ll allow for the point to be made that, on the short term, planning for global warming might hurt the economy. Cut back emissions. Have more thorough regulations. Etc. But how is it not worth it, if we’re talking about massive global change as a possible—just possible—consequence?

I’m willing to take a chance on a movie. Or a restaurant.

On this, no. No way.

* PS: And, for the record, I truly hope the Republicans are right here. I truly, truly do.

* PPS: All that said, if I hear one more person call it a “hoax,” I’ll vomit. People can be incorrect without pulling a hoax.

9 thoughts on “Global Melting”

  1. Definitely don’t think it’s some elaborate hoax. There’s enough crap going on in this world for people to waste time on something like that.

    I think that global temperatures are cyclical. That said, I also think they are going to new extremes. Now, I don’t know all the science behind it, but to quote–well, poorly paraphrase–the great Jon Stewart: “Seems to me that if we’re pumping all this stuff into the atmosphere, it’s going to do something to the earth.”

    It’s undeniable that lakes and rivers are drying up worldwide. Ice and snow are melting from places it’s never melted before.

    So no, I don’t know it with 100 percent certainty. But I believe there’s way greater than a 2 percent chance of it being right, and if I had to pick between yes and no, I’d definitely say yes, I think global warming is a real thing. And I do think something should be done about it.

  2. Even if there were a 0 percent chance of “global warming” being true, what’s wrong with asking people to consume fewer natural resources and put less pollutants into the air and water? It’s a position people have taken that is infuriatingly short-sighted and self-centered.

    1. Doug, but even if you believe that to be true (and I think you’re crazily off in this area) wouldn’t you wanna make 100% certain all bases are covered? And, seriously, it seems 96% of credible scientists consider it to be real.

  3. Doug…there are other concerns that influence tighter regulations and research.

    Pollutants cause Cancer and other diseases.

    Think about your baby girl or boy being born with such a disease and watching him or her battle through treatments.

    Think about all the natural resources that have been ruined by cutting costs to generate more profit (see BP oil spill as a recent example).

    Joe Barton wants you to believe there’s no such thing as Global Warming. He wants you to believe that the EPA restrictions are too stringent on these energy companies that have been pumping toxins into the air.

    Joe Barton wants you to believe that because the energy companies keep him in business.

    Doug, I sure hope your children never suffer like so many others already have.

  4. I don’t know whose right, but I do believe that the Global Warming proponents often overstate their claims to produce a sky is falling mentality. Maybe they do this because they feel no one will listen unless they scream and yell and give Al Gore an Oscar.

    No matter the side, we should all want to make this world safer and cleaner for the kids of the next generation.

  5. I totally agree that toxins, pollutants and anything that can harm people or the environment should be closely regulated and monitored. but this 100% about co2, which is neither a toxin or pollutant. Of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, water vapor is just as potent as co2 and makes up 99.9% of it. our contribution to co2 is a tiny % of the co2 out there. Steve, Jeff, watch the video and tell me we’re being fair to kids in developing countries.

  6. HOAX…HOAX….HOAX…It’s what inept politicians like Al Gore do to make money…dare I mention his electric bill and all those jets he flies around on. If Al Gore were really serious, he would live off the grid and maybe, just maybe I’d believe him.
    It is a HOAX because people like Gore USE IT to make money because they are too proud to get REAL jobs after failed presidential runs.

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