Like a Bosh

Admittedly, another video I swiped from the pals at Deadspin. Who probably swiped it from someone else. Who probably swiped it from someone else. Who …

I actually think Miami was a dreadful idea for Bosh. Wade and James create their own shots. Bosh depends on others to get him the ball. Doesn’t add up.

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  1. For the love of Gosh, please don’t talk basketball. You never know what you’re talking about – and I say that with love, as a fan. If Bosh needs to be on a team where people can get him the ball, he’s now playing with the best distributor and facilitator in the league in LeBron. That should, in principle, work. Bosh sucks, but that’s not why. He’s bad because he’s really soft. He has the tools, but not the mentality to play tough and use his body (perhaps because he has always been far too lean).

  2. Those are the basketball Jones, who manned the Ball Don’t Lie blog at Yahoo and now are the Score TV here in Canada. They’re from TO.

  3. Funny that the guys who run the best basketball podcast (The Basketball Jones) are from Toronto.

    Jason Whitlock had a great article on Chris Bosh…

    Bosh has been exposed as ‘soft’ the way Pau Gasol was for the Lakers against Garnett in the Finals. Difference is, without Gasol the Lakers would never have made it past the 2nd round the last 3 seasons. Bosh isn’t that good, never carried his team to the playoffs the way Gasol did, or played in a meaningful game really. He’ll get better as he’s getting exposed.

    Problem is, the Heat NEED a guy who can play D, be an enforcer, and rebound. Bosh can’t do any of those and I’d say the same thing about Amar’e Stoudemire. They need an Anderson Varejao or Kendrick Perkins(does the dirty work)
    The Heat have no depth and it’s still 3 guys figuring out things. LeBron’s clearly the best player in the NBA and Dwyane Wade hasn’t figured that out yet.

    In a game against the Celtics last Thursday, the Heat’s starting center had 0 points and their starting PG had 0 assists. They don’t have the teammates or pieces to win a title.

  4. On the Bosh/Gasol comparison, Gasol previously played as the best player on a super-competitive olympic, fiba, and int’l Spanish teams. Bosh has had no such conditioning. He played as maybe the 7th or 8th best guy on that Olympic team and has barely been in the playoffs in the NBA. Gasol was soft against Garnett for sure, but had the background to get tougher. Bosh doesn’t.

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