Movember: The update

On October 27 Brad Frishberg wrote this post about the magic of Movember. He promised to grow a mustache, which I promised (in my head) to ruthlessly mock.

Well, no need to ruthlessly mock. The photos speak:

Before …

After …

Amy Frishberg, Brad’s wife, happens to be a pal of mine, and when I told her I’d be running the mustached image of her loving husband her words weren’t exactly, “Thanks Jeff. You’re a sweetie!” But that’s OK. Because, as a goateed man, I respect and admire Brad’s Oates-like efforts to grow the ‘stache.

And, save for the fact that he now sorta looks like a Toledo-based used car salesman, it speaks well of him.

PS: Brad has reminded me that, behind Movember, there is a very worthy cause. Go here to learn more.