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Take the money

So I was watching Todd McShay talk college football this morning on ESPN.

McShay probably makes, I’d guess, about $200,000 annually. When he was done speaking on ESPN’s College Football Gameday (or maybe it was SportsCenter), I was taken to five or six commercials during the break. Target. Home Depot. Sears. Etc. Each commercial surely cost a large amount of money. When programming resumed, I was taken to the sight of some upcoming game, which would be played in a stadium whose name was purchased for millions of dollars by a corporation. The ESPN goobers all appeared on the program, which was sponsored by Old Spice or some other company. They interviewed coaches wearing apparel supplied by Nike or Adidas or whatever. The apparel companies were paying the schools and coaches millions to dress the part. The players will all appear in next year’s EA Sports video game offering—not their names, but their likenesses and uniform numbers. On and on and on …

And Cam Newton is scum for asking for $200,000?