Keith McCants had a rough day

Leading into the 1990 NFL Draft, I remember being especially excited about Keith McCants, the Alabama linebacker who would have received my vote for MOST LIKELY TO BE THE NEXT LT. He was supposedly fast and quick and strong and ferocious, and teams were lining up to add him to their roster.

He was drafted No. 4 by Tampa Bay, the next Hugh Green …

He lasted three seasons.

Por que? I’m not sure. Certainly, he wasn’t especially productive. But I’m guessing McCants was also a bad seed; the type of guy a coach wouldn’t extend too many olive branches toward. What gives me that impression? Oh, his lengthy ensuing arrest record, which was updated again this week when McCants was arrested for possession of cocaine as he was in the parking lot outside of a St. Pete strip club, Tina’s House of Angels (why is it always in the parking lot of a strip club? Why never the public library?). Only eight months earlier McCants was arrested for trying to purchase drugs at a motel. Sigh.

What always strikes me about guys like McCants are the mug shots. In my mind, Keith McCants is a storming linebacker, blitzing the quarterback, yapping at opposing wide receivers, walking joyfully off the field in an Alabama uniform. So to sudden see him, all these years later, in a police mug shot, old and sad and sort of pathetic.

It’s a huge downer.

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