Stupid me

Just appeared on a St. Louis radio show … said something, got off the air, thought, “Doh! That was stupid.”

I was talking about my criticisms of Albert Pujols, and—toward the end—I mentioned he was the only guy wearing sunglasses. It was a dumb point to begin with, because, well, who gives a crap? But after saying it—I mean, immediately after saying it—I thought, “That almost certainly wasn’t the case.” The guys right next to him weren’t, to my recollection. But that’s not the point—when you have a just criticism of someone, why add bullshit reasons that mean nothing.

This was 100% my bad. Poor point, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Received an e-mail from Scott Rovak, the excellent photographer who included the attached photos.

Scott, you’re completely in the right.

What sucks is what happens now. If you’re me, and you make a mistake like this, your judgement in the area dies. Anyone who disagrees can say, “Look, he said this and he was wrong.” And they’d be 100 percent correct. One hundred percent.

I appreciate Scott sending the photos. It was the right thing to do.