11:40 am …

… Bronxville, N.Y. Starbucks.

Photo by Andy Dallos—whose daughter lost her first tooth last night.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    I’m Paul. We met briefly at the Blogs with Balls convention a while back and you were kind enough to recommend my site on your blog (thanks again for that). I see that you have a class you’re giving at Mediabistro.com. Anyway, I have question that I hope you don’t take as impertinent. The question is, I’m 39 and have a new little and very expensive baby—will your class give me a realistic shot at getting a job or a freelance gig somewhere. See, my wife and I are not rich and if I spend over $400, I’d like to think its towards a realistic shot and improving my lot in life. Anyway, sorry to take up your time, and again, no offense intended. I’d love any feedback you have.


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