Republicans: Either they fail to learn, or they just forget

Lindsey Graham, Republican senator from South Carolina, says he’s upset that President Obama isn’t taking a more forceful role in Libya. Though Obama announced Saturday that he had authorized U.S. forces to begin a limited military action in Libya “in support of an international effort to protect Libyan civilians,” Graham and his wacky, wild GOP cohorts want more. They believe America needs to get in there and mix things up. Or, as Newt Gingrich recently said, to hell with the UN and NATO. We’re America—we do as we please.

It’s an odd stance for the Republicans to take, considering they led us into the hellish quagmire that is Iraq. If you recall (and, certainly, you recall) that effort was done largely on the powers of bombast and bullshit. We’re America! We kick ass! Let’s get ’em! Or, to quote George W. Bush, “Bring it on.”

The Republicans want to paint Obama as a Carter-esque wuss, and while he may well be a Carter-esque wuss, it doesn’t seem so wise/nice to bash your own president as he navigates the nation through conflict.

Oh, wait—that was actually a position taken by Republicans back during Iraq. The ol’ how-dare-the-Dems-question-Bush-during-a-time-of-war.

Hmm …

Frankly, after eight years of machismi bullshit, I’ll take the president who contemplates, then acts.

5 thoughts on “Republicans: Either they fail to learn, or they just forget”

  1. I want to hear no more BS from the republicans about how broke we are, how we have to cut spending. We apparently can afford to get into another war, after the first two have left this country supposedly in a bottomless pit of debt. Obviously, that is not the case. Let the missiles fly!

  2. There’s nothing Obama could have done that would have pleased Republicans. If he’d have gone in there with guns blazing, they would have criticized him for that, too.

    This is why I can’t stand Obama’s strategy of being the great compromiser who tries to bridge both sides of the spectrum. If the GOP was a party of reasonable people and ideas (as it used to be), that would be OK. But compromising with people who are fully committed to opposing EVERYTHING you say and do is both weak and politically stupid.

  3. Because I am extremely bored, I did the google on the interwebs and found that the pic is one Anna Martin from DePaul’s women’s BB team.

    I was expecting she would be named Lindsey Graham, but now I’m baffled. Not the first time Pearly has posted a seemingly unrelated pic with a post….

  4. Everyone is anti-war except when the guy they voted for unilaterally and unconstitutionally authorizes it. And I don’t want to hear any justification about the US being part of the UN — last time I checked, the POTUS answers to Congress and the United States people first.

    That you aren’t skewering Obama for attacking Libya speaks volumes about your true feelings about the political process. Principles take a backseat to political party cheerleading and it’s disgusting.

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