Why is Michael Jordan returning … now?

So according to a report on ESPN.com, Michael Jordan announced a few minutes ago that he’s coming out of retirement—again—to finish the season with the Bobcats in an effort to make a playoff push.

Obviously, like everyone of a certain era I loved watching Jordan in his prime, and I had no real trouble with his return to Washington (hey, he was in his late 30s when it happened—still viable). But as His Airness approaches (dear God) 50, I just don’t get it. Ego? A need to play? A need for the spotlight?


This, from the story on ESPN.com, with reporting by Stephen A. Smith:

Jordan, 48, had reportedly been working out with the Bobcats during closed sessions. “He can shoot with any of us,” one player said. “And he seems to still have his strength. To me, it’s an honor.”

I’m sorry, but at 48 a basketball player can’t still “have his strength.” Muscles break down. Endurance isn’t what it was. I was there when, at his dreadful Hall of Fame speech two years ago, Jordan threatened to return at age 50. But who believed him? Who thought he’d turn an amazing career into a late-game carnival act?

I’ve seen too many comebacks fail to buy this one. Jim Palmer. Björn Borg. Bill Johnson. Mike Tyson. Sugar Ray Leonard. On and on and on.

This one, I fear, will be the saddest of all.

12 thoughts on “Why is Michael Jordan returning … now?”

  1. Should have made it about you, Jeff. Something along the lines of, “I’m leaving bookwriting and all its headaches to join the editorial staff at Good Housekeeping.”

  2. Francis Ian L. Badando

    Michael Jordan is coming back wow 2011 that’s good. better news for us why not if he comeback for looking who the new next MJ and a big round to all NBA player today to challenge the real MJ in court side by side yes he old but not cripple if you shot he can shoot to MJ comeback i am your die hard fun ever since you play chicago bulls even washington. thanks MJgood luck.

  3. Francis Ian L. Badando

    Michael Jordan always remember until the ring is round you can made a shoot if the court is rectangle you can dribble the ball any side and most of all if your teammates fight for destiny get your soul to make your heart brave. Michael comeback.,please…….. im waiting here in philippine to see in tv in NBA court.

  4. I think that Michael Jordan is one the worlds best basketball players, and NO its not his EGO, he is the best and always will be, and its the love of the game.

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