I would like to see Sean Hannity’s birth certificate: II

Now shut the f$%^ up.

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  1. As I understand the argument a “Certification of Live Birth” is not a birth certificate.
    Hawaii issues a Certificate (of live birth)not a Certification.
    Apparently Obama showed a shortened for of the certificate.
    This has caused all sorts of joy for those people wanting that Black man out. Wish I knew how to post Black as strike through letters.
    A birth certificate should include the name of the hospital, physician, and the address of the parents.
    Personally I think this whole uproar is a bunch of BS, but it does appear Obama’s certificatION is not a certificatE.

  2. The picture you show is the exact same kind of birth certificate we have for our children in Minnesota. It suffices anytime we need to show a birth certificate for them. It’s legal. That’s all the prez needs to show!

  3. Hilarious seeing Pearlman throw sh*t out there and then realize he knows none of the facts behind it. Such a fine writer, such horrible political instincts.

    BTW, the issue here is larger than just a birth certifcate. It’s about trusting elected leaders. And as we’ve seen, Americans just don’t trust this guy. They don’t trust the press to report on him honestly, either. Rather than going out of his way to assauge those fears, he seems complacent enough to want to stoke them (!). Interesting strategy. Should be a riot in 2012.

    1. Chris, that is just—stupid. Ask yourself, who doesn’t “trust this guy?” The American population as a whole, or Fox-inspired Republicans who have heard, over and over and over and over again, that he’s Muslim … not an American … sympathetic to terrorists. Seriously, it’s embarrassing/pathetic/shameful. And the irony—the greatest irony—is that these same people/this same network trusted Bush time and time again as a patriot, as a leader, as an honest and decent man, as he, literally, led us into a war fought on a phony ideal with bullshit information.

      Who, exactly, is reporting on him dishonestly? CNN and MSNBC? Or Fox, which continues to hammer the he-might-not-be-a-citizen-because-Donald-Trump-say-so blather. Use your head, Chris.

  4. jeff, youre missing the point. it doesnt matter if obamas birth was captured on tape by hawaiian government officials or if god came down from the heavens on his chariot and told everyone “jesus effing christ already, obama was born in america!”

    people will believe what they WANT to believe, despite the facts. thats the state of america today.

  5. You know what’s going to be a riot in 2012, Chris? Watching debates featuring candidates like Palin, Gingrich, Bachmann and company.

  6. You know, I didn’t vote for George W. Bush in 2000. I thought his presidency got worse as time went on. But you know what? When the Supreme Court decided that the 2000 election was finished, I accepted it. Didn’t like it, but I accepted it. Wish the birthers could do the same. Or come up with better proof than what they currently have.

  7. It’s moot and arguing semantics. They’re saying “but this isn’t the literal document that was signed and filed when he was born.” No, but this is certification that it WAS. You don’t need to see the original, just know that it exists. They give these out for a reason. And, like someone else said, next it’ll be “well where’s the video?”

    It’s dumbass racism. It’s not rooted in any real cause, concern, etcetera. It’s just stupid, stubborn, pig-headed, anti-intellectual bulls***.

    If you think the policies are wrong, say so and run them down. Don’t invent fake controversies and force your paranoia and other psychosis onto the American mainstream.

  8. Sportswriting Refugee

    You can go to any public library in Hawaii and pull up the microfilm with his birth announcement in that week’s Hawaiin newspapers.

    I have never understood how that is not the argument-ender.

    BTW, the “birth certificate” I have is a cheapy knockoff I had to order from the state a few months ago because I haven’t known where my “original long-form birth certificate” is in decades. I bet the same is true for many, if not a majority, of Americans, including the ones screaming about Obama’s birthplace.

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