Osama Bin Laden





Osama Bin Laden—dead. Gone. Deceased.

But I’m not sure how to feel.

Obviously, from a human standpoint I’m happy this monster no longer exists. The sting of 9/11 never vanishes, and to finally track down and eliminate the mastermind behind it as no small thing.

And yet …

Too often, events like this work to galvanize. Surely, Al Queda will use the death of its guru to rally as much anti-American hostility as humanly possible; to convince more young men that the United States is the devil, and must be stopped at all costs. It will serve as a rallying cry; a potentially bloody, deadly, pwerful rallying cry.

And (double) yet …

I am elated. Or, at the least, thrilled.

I am also curious, from a purely political standpoint, how the right reacts. Ever since he stepped into the Oval Office, Barack Obama has been slammed as soft on terrorism; as someone who can’t keep our nation safe. Well, let’s compare. Under the watch of George W. Bush, we suffered the worst act of terrorism is modern history, then failed to seize the culprit. Under Obama, zero attacks and Bin Laden dead. Does the president deserve the credit? Obviously, no. He’s the QB, but this is about intelligence and military action. But does he still deserve scorn?


5 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden”

  1. This was a good day.
    Having a son in the Army, scheduled to go back to Afghanistan in June, I am very worried about an increased effort by al Qaeda against our troops.
    Still this is a good day.
    I’m sure many will say it was the result of what George Bush did, still it is a good day.

  2. This is a great day for our country. They hated us before 9/11 and they’ll still hate us after this, but this is a milestone we needed to pass. Why do I get the impression you look at the right as a bigger ememy than radical islam?

  3. I see what you are saying Jeff. Still, it’s a wonderful day.

    Also jmw: I really appreciate (as do many others) what your son is doing for our country.

  4. Well said Jeff. Although I did not vote for President Obama, he did say during his campaign, he was going to finish what was started in Afghanistan! Than he got the Nobel Peace Prize and was slammed for sending more troops to Afghanistan. This is what he promised and President Obama delivered. Now what to do with Pakistan???

  5. Good thing he released his birth certificate BEFORE he took down Bin Laden. Imagine if the birth certificate thing was still unsettled and he had a moment like this?


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