Ice cream dreams

If anyone reading this ever gets a chance to visit Ocean City, N.J., make sure you hit up George’s Candies.

I’m an ice cream freak—and this place has the best ice cream in the history of the world. Specifically, it’s the macaroon flavor—coconut, chocolate bits, vanilla ice cream … awesome, awesome, awesome.

On a side note, beaches fascinate me. There’s a circle of life thing that goes on, even though most people never pay it much mind.

You’ve got the little kids, jumping through the waves, begging their folks for treats, digging castles in the sand.

You’ve got the teenagers, cruising the boardwalk with a can’t-touch-this youthful swagger. Boys without shirts, girls showing their bellies. They say youth is wasted on the young, but it’s not wasted here. They’re happy and carefree.

You’ve got the early parents, watching their young kids eat treats and jump waves.

You’ve got older parents, letting their teenagers go off.

You’ve got grandparents, holding on for dear life.

And so it goes …