RIP: The Tramp Stamp

Final night at the Jersey Shore. One thing I noticed this weekend—the infamous Tramp Stamp is pretty much obsolete.

In case you’re out of the know, the Tramp Stamp is the tattoo women get that’s located above the ass. It usually says something like HOT STUFF or CAN’T TOUCH THIS or SIZZLIN’ MEAT. Not all that long ago, the stamps were everywhere—ill-advised branding that a woman, well, liked sex and could be had pretty easily.

Then—poof!—something happened. Here’s my opinion: The owners of Tramp Stamps aged. They got married. Had kids. The Tramp Stamps faded. Stretched. Wrinkled. Shriveled. To be 22 with a Tramp Stamp? Sorta sexy. To be, oh, 40 with a Tramp Stamp? Embarrassing.

So farewell, dear Stamps … we won’t miss you.

5 thoughts on “RIP: The Tramp Stamp”

  1. I’m 40…and my “tramp stamp” looks just as great as when I first got it. But then, I’m not your average “chubby around the middle” 40 year old. I wear my Sinister Bitch with pride and confidence.

  2. you young folks can get annoying… those of us, who are lucky enough to get old, don’t stop living! A woman inked or pierced in a provokative way is still sexy! I have no will to look at gals that are young enough to be my daughter in a sexual way, but I expect a woman my age, who wants me to look at her in a lustful way, to try to be sexy!

  3. To me you kind of sound like a hater. I have a “tramp stamp” and it doesn’t say anything silly or provocative and I am not “easy” and at all Let ppl do and tat whatever the fuck they want if its not on ur body u really shouldn’t worry about it.

  4. Regardless of what girls say, if you have that tramp stamp, I will assume you do anal. If you don’t do anal, please don’t insult us guys by putting that tattoo.

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