Right vs. Normal: Riveting

As always, John Stewart handles this wonderfully. Chris Wallace? Meh …

4 thoughts on “Right vs. Normal: Riveting”

  1. There was at least one small part of the interview that was edited. There was a discussion of following marching orders. Stewart mentioned Bill Sammons and email. That was edited out of the interview

  2. It’s been interesting reading the different responses to this. On conservative blogs, they’re claiming it’s a HUGE win for Wallace, and that Stewart looks like a bumbling fool. On liberal blogs, they’re claiming it as a major victory for Stewart. On a lot of mainstream sites, sadly, they’re leading with “You’re Insane!” and painting it as a bitter throwdown, rather than what it really was: a contentious, spirited debate between two people who actually seem to respect each other.

  3. Stewart is right, he has a bias, but his job is to be a comedian first. The fact that people feel the need to characterize the Stewart-Wallace interview as a debate, or a comparison of the bias “liberal” vs. “conservative” news, or that one or the other “won” is truly an indictment on the news media, generally, and Fox as well.

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