Moldy strawberries

So over the past few months I had several conversations with Casey, my 8-year-old daughter delight, about the power of a strong letter. Today, after finding a couple of moldy strawberries in a new pack, she sprung to action. I think, for age 8, this is pretty damn good …

Dear Driscoll’s:

Every box of strawberries we buy from your company seems to be moldy. The ones that aren’t moldy are good, but the other ones are gross and stick together, so we have less strawberries to eat. We barely have any. We like those strawberries, but we’re tired of buyinh strawberries with mold on it.

Will you please do something about the mold?


Casey Pearlman, age 8


Granted, the mold isn’t Driscoll’s fault. Strawberries get moldly. It happens. But I dig the girl’s initiative. Plus, she absolutely loves receiving mail.