King Kone and bliss

… may well be King Kone, the side-of-the-road ice cream stop in Somers, N.Y.

Back when I was a kid my folks didn’t really believe in treats, so we probably visited King King, oh, once. Ever. Which sucks, because it was only 15 minutes from my house.

Now that I’m a parent, however, I control the money. And the fun. And, whenever we visit my folks, the trip home includes a summer stop at King Kone.

Why? Because, to me, King Kone oozes summer joy. All the flavors. The tables. The casual banter. I absolutely adore places like this, where the ice cream is thick and rich and the treats overflow. Sure, we have a Carvel around the corner. But Carvel sorta sucks. It’s predictable; dull; lame. King Kone bursts with possibilities. What flavors will they have today? Should I get a milkshake or a float? Will I see anyone from boyhood?

To my children, King Kong is heaven.

To me, it’s even better.

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  1. when I was groing up 72/76 lived 10 min from king kone, was a great stop for us, my parents will allow us to visit and have a treat every so often…what a great place somers is! miss it lots

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