Guts, anyone?

So here’s what I’m looking for, ASAP, in American politics: Guts.

I’m looking for someone to stare down the Tea Party crazy freaks and say, “You’re Tea Party crazy freaks.” I’m looking for someone to state, as clearly and loudly as possible, “You are ruining this country.” Because the Tea Party—damn it—is ruining this country.

I don’t mean “ruin” in the vague sense, like when people complain about Obama or Palin bringing down this imaginary moral fiber. I’m talking about “ruin” in a real sense. Fighting for budget cuts when, at this time more than any, we need the government to spend and create and take risks. Insisting our president is a communist foreigner hell bent on eating your soul. Convincing one another that the only way America finds greatness is via zero regulation.


Here’s the funny thing—most on the right and left agree the Tea Partiers are a bunch of nutjobs. You think John Boehner likes dealing with them? Think Mitch McConnell does? Of course not. But this is their monster, having supported crazy Sarah Palin even as they knew she was a joke. Now she’s not a joke. Michelle Bachman isn’t, either. They’re loud and proud and remarkably dumb.