Guts, anyone?

So here’s what I’m looking for, ASAP, in American politics: Guts.

I’m looking for someone to stare down the Tea Party crazy freaks and say, “You’re Tea Party crazy freaks.” I’m looking for someone to state, as clearly and loudly as possible, “You are ruining this country.” Because the Tea Party—damn it—is ruining this country.

I don’t mean “ruin” in the vague sense, like when people complain about Obama or Palin bringing down this imaginary moral fiber. I’m talking about “ruin” in a real sense. Fighting for budget cuts when, at this time more than any, we need the government to spend and create and take risks. Insisting our president is a communist foreigner hell bent on eating your soul. Convincing one another that the only way America finds greatness is via zero regulation.


Here’s the funny thing—most on the right and left agree the Tea Partiers are a bunch of nutjobs. You think John Boehner likes dealing with them? Think Mitch McConnell does? Of course not. But this is their monster, having supported crazy Sarah Palin even as they knew she was a joke. Now she’s not a joke. Michelle Bachman isn’t, either. They’re loud and proud and remarkably dumb.



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  1. A couple legitimate questions for you Jeff – are you a socialist? No malice or judgment intended, I’m just curious. Also, do you think the limited government-preferring Founding Fathers Washington, Jefferson, Mason and Adams are contemptible fools for the beliefs they espoused when founding this formerly great country?

  2. First of all, calling the Tea Party “crazy freaks” is akin to calling the Left “America hating socialists”….it gets us NOWHERE.

    The Tea Party in 2010, is like what the pseudo “anti-war” movement in 2006, but the Tea Party is much larger.
    Both were used as vehicles for the minority party to get into power.Did we end the wars after 2006? No. Was the 110th Congress (jan 2007-Jan 2009) and effective congress? Legislation-wise, no…but they did put a check on Bush.
    This Congress will be much the same but LOUDER.

  3. Jeff – Your irrational lunacy is increasing with every new political post. If government spending has a positive multiplier effect, then would you mind explaining how the U.S. has $14,000,000,000,000 in debt? Also, would you mind explaining why the so-called “stimulus” didn’t stimulate anything?

    Also, are you aware that if the Congress confiscated 100% of the assets — not just the income, but the assets — of the top 5% of Americans, that it STILL wouldn’t be enough to pay off the debt?

    Please stop stomping your feet like a small child and get serious.

  4. It takes guts to suggest we have to stop spending beyond our limits, to tell people it’s no longer possible for us to allow runaway entitlements to consume our national budgets and throw us further into debt.

    It takes guts, also, to suggest that we enact new taxes to complement our spending cuts. Only by increasing our revenue while decreasing our spending can we hope to address, in any real way, the problems we’ve made for ourselves.

    It takes NO guts to point fingers. It takes no guts to play us v. them.

    What will take guts is for someone to stand up and make the really tough decisions. Because this s- sandwich ain’t going to eat itself.

  5. Actually, I’ve been wishing for this too. And when folks like the above commenters demand an apology, for the candidate to say “I’ll apologize as soon as the right wing apologizes for calling Obama a socialist.”

    I tire of the left being told they need to boil their arguments down into something as simple as “Taxes bad! Defense and Christianity good!” So if that something needs to be “The Tea Party is a bunch of crazy, selfish assholes,” so be it.

    And if that candidate fails to get elected, that’s OK too (unlike the Tea Party, I am in favor of democracy all the time, not just when my candidate gets elected). At least they will have tried.

  6. Although Jefferson was for limited government, He spent money to fight the Barbarry Pirates and money to buy the Louisana Purchase. Click on the first link and read this article.

    Austerity programs have never grown the economy. Under FDR the government spent a ton of money to hire people. In 1937 FDR stopped spending money and we fell into a recession.

    As for the Tea Party, for the most part the Tea Party people in Congress are from the South or the West

    And here is a counter to that argument.

  7. “Austerity programs have never grown the economy. …”

    — Yes, and where has the $14 trillion in debt gotten us? Obama has already more than doubled the deficit. Do you want him to double it again? How about quadruple it? When is enough enough?

  8. Is it me or has everyone forgot that much of the $14 trillion debt was incurred by the previous administration after they spent a surplus that they inherited?! Where was the Tea Party during the 8 Years that Bush was in office?!

  9. Doug is off here – the Republicans under Bush also spent like drunken sailors. Not nearly as much as Obama and co., but still way more than they should have. The Republicrats, I call them. They’re not as different as the polemics would have you believe. Both love war. Both love bailouts. Both are in the back pocket of corporations.

    Jeff is off here for attacking Heritage for being Heritage rather than attacking the content of the Heritage post.

    Until *drastic* spending cuts are made – in all areas, defense, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, discretionary – this country will continue to be in the economic crapper. Expect another round (s?) of “stimulus” and “quantitative easing” to further destroy the currency. That is, unless Ron Paul becomes President.

    Ron Paul, one of the few who predicted this economic catastrophe almost flawlessly, years in advance. Ron Paul, the man that so many don’t take seriously despite his being right about everything that has transpired to destroy this country over the last 15 years or so (war, horrible economy , decreased civil liberties, etc.). And the man I have to thank for turning me on to gold about 6 years back before it shot through the roof. The only principled man in Washington.

  10. It seems a lot of people above don’t grasp the simple idea that “Tea Party” and “Republican” aren’t synonymous. The Tea Party is aggressively going after (e.g., primaries) RINOs who “spend like drunken sailors,” not enabling them.

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