No, Miley. Nooooooo …

Climate change is destroying our resources.

The economy is in shambles.

Our elected officials can’t get anything right.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are about to slip to .500.

Kings of Leon are breaking up.

TSA workers aren’t getting paid.

But—wait! There’s more important news! Much more important news! Important, important, important news that led AOL’s site yesterday evening.

Dear God, help us!

Miley Cyrus … smokes cigarettes!

We will all perish.

Where are the Jonas Brothers when we need them?

15 thoughts on “No, Miley. Nooooooo …”

  1. As a smoker,this is great news! She can influence an entire generation to pick up the delicious habit!

    /tongue firmly in cheek
    /seriously smoking is bad

  2. There is no way this is kind of a big deal, DG. This actually fits into the mold perfectly….she was squeaky clean, now she has to go through her rebellious stage….its the way we like our celebrities…we build them up,to tear them down, to build them up….

  3. I must admit that I, compliant preacher’s daughter that I was, have also smoked a cigarette or two in my lifetime. But I would never wear my wife-beater with no bra!

  4. DG– given all the thousands of things that seem objectively more important in the world, how could the fact that an 18 year old celebrity is smoking cigarettes even rate on the “big deal” scale? Honestly.

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