Chris Christie steps up

Not a huge fan of Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor. He’s sort of a thug, sort of a bully—and he’s taken great advantage of teachers and myriad public employees.

However, right here, well, he’s beyond brilliant. It’s of utmost importance in this country that leaders—and especially respected Republican leaders—fight back against anti-Muslim ignorance.

Bravo, Governor.



10 thoughts on “Chris Christie steps up”

  1. I’m just glad that phone is behind him, in case he has an EMERGENC. Lord knows, you need someone to call in an emergenc.

  2. Re: your “bully” comment

    Sometimes you have to be a bully when confronting bullies. Acting as though the educators’ union, in particular its leadership, was innocent in the whole dustup seems misleading to me.

    I agree with your sentiment on Christie’s nomination though, we have an issue dealing with Muslims respectfully and rationally after 9/11

  3. Wait until you want to rent space in a building owned by a Muslim who practices shariah law. They have the right to refuse you renting space if your business isn’t compliant with sharia law. Nice to know if you want space for a restaurant … better not serve pork or alcohol… every application has to be brought before a committee of shariah scholars for approval.

    Christie is a bully and a blow hard and thinks by shouting this down he’s minimizing things. Unfortunately, for him people are educated enough to know there is some truth to all the fear. His weight reflects the biggest thing about him… disappointment!

  4. @xena I also heard that if you rent space in a building owned my a Muslim that practices sharia law, they make you wear your underwear on the outside and they serve hamburgers that eat YOU!!!

  5. Is there any other Republican governor in this country that would have the courage to do what Christie did and back it up the way he did? I doubt if there is. I also doubt that there are any Democratic governors who would have the courage either. Not a Christie fan overall, but bless him for this. As for the moron “reporter” asking the “sharia law” question…angling for a Fox News post? Effing clown.

  6. Aren’t we ALL tired of dealing with the Crazies? I’m just waiting for one of the more brilliant among them to develop a genetic marker that self-identifies (the Crazies, lest anyone think otherwise) & then we (the Good & the Rational)can deal with them….God Bless America!

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