To Jeanette: Your boyfriend is an friggin’ tool …

We in the media take a lot of heat—much of it, in my opinion, a tad unjustified.

This video, however, well … take a look …

Where to begin? Where to end? It took place at Big Ten Media Day, and the guy should—without question—lose his job. I understand 22-year-old first timers possibly making such a mistake. I understand camermen making such a mistake. I can understand many, many, many people making such a mistake.

But, dude, you’re a reporter.

That said, not surprising. Talk to any veteran print journalist, and he/she will share their own horror stories of having to deal with some of the TV/radio ass clowns out there. Most are professional and wise and righteous. Quite a few, however, are not.

PS: I especially love the guy’s babbling. The coach knows he’s a tool. The tool knows he’s a tool. But it keeps going on and on …

7 thoughts on “To Jeanette: Your boyfriend is an friggin’ tool …”

  1. I agree, it is the height of un-professionalism but is it a sign that he is truly incompetent or a solitary error in judgement? Losing ones job levies a far stiffer cost than it used to.

  2. Jeff-
    Sorry but you’re a bit too upset about it. The guy is a geek, no doubt. But it’s Media Day–who really cares if he gets his girlfriend an autograph. And as a TV guy who has covered many Super Bowls, World Series, etc….I’ve seen an awful lot of print slobs act in embarassing fashion. You have too, so don’t generalize.

    1. Jim, I’m sorry, but you can’t just leave that there. When, exactly, have I behaved in a manner even close to this guy? I’m not talking about blog posts you disagree with or find offensive. On the job, as a reporter.

  3. Jim, I haven’t seen the Big Ten credentials, but there’s approximately a 100 percent chance the fine print includes the phrase, “No autographs.” We all know — or should — that such an act of fanboyism is grounds for getting kicked out of the pressbox. It’s not only unprofessional, it’s flat-out unethical.

    Jeff, re-read Jim’s last sentence: He’s saying that you’ve seen print guys acting like TV foofs, not that you’ve done it yourself.

    But yes, based on the media workrooms I’ve been in (sorry, no Super Bowls or World Series here), I’d agree that the foof ratio is higher on the broadcast side.

  4. Keith Ryan Cartwright

    Not only is stated that you can’t ask for autographs, but there’s no cheering in the press box. None. It’s NOT allowed and, yeah, there seem to be more asses from the radio and TV side than print.

  5. Sorry guys, was away for a few days. First of all, kudos to Jeff for promptly responding to everyone. Whether or not I agree with you, it’s good to see that you stay in touch with your readers as it encourages a good give and take. Lori, thanks for the “bail out”, as Jeff and I have never met and I directed nothing at him personally. Yep, Ferentz media guy is a geek. But c’mon look at the fools who float around Super Bowl media day. Are they “media”? Yikes. As long as he wasn’t in the middle of big group (no one else seemed to be there) I don’t see it as a big deal here. Lori/Keith–how bout some love? I hope I’m not a foof or an ass!

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