A response to the Quaz, by Jason Halper

Upon further review, awaking from my post-hurricane daze, I have decided to remove Jason Halper’s letter and, from the initial Quaz, Pete Nash’s comments regarding baseball memorabilia. The Quaz is supposed to be a fun, enlightening, engaging place for Q&A—not an area for squabbling between those involved in a dispute/business I will not pretend to fully grasp.

I consider Pete to be a friend, and I also understand Jason’s desire to defend his deceased father.

And that’s that.

1 thought on “A response to the Quaz, by Jason Halper”

  1. Jeff: What is your response to those comments? Sounds pretty convincing to me.

    As much as I like 3rd Bass and enjoyed your writing on him, I did feel he was ‘full of shit’ on a lot of his responses as well.

    Especially how MC Hammer in his days of Pepsi commercials, lunch boxes and cartoons had a ‘hit’ out on him.

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