Rick Perry is my nightmare

You know what’s sad here? Mitt Romney hands Rick Perry his lunch here. I mean, he absolutely, positively, 100 percent clobbers him, and there’s no denying it.

And yet … people can be so blind. So friggin’ blind. And they clap like seals after a fish.

Look, do I like Mitt Romney as a future president? Of course not. But he was, unambiguously, a success as governor of Massachusetts. He’s a smart man with some OK ideas … who inspires absolutely no one and who flips and flops like a friggin’ hand clapper. It’s truly odd—the guy fits every presidential nod: Good looking—check. Presidential—check. Experience—check. Money—check.

But people don’t believe him, or believe in him.

Meanwhile, stupid Rick Perry walks to the plate, with that same W. swagger, and people swoon, as if 2000-2008 never occurred. Perry, literally, wants to end Social Security. I mean, he’s made that clear and clearer. It’s an essential program that seniors depend on—and he wants it gone. And the friggin’ sheep hear this and applaud.


Right now, the GOP presidential race has come down to, in my estimation, four people. Perry and Romney are on top, Ron Paul is extremely unlikely but not completely dead, and John Huntsman flutters as the sorta vanilla voice of reason. Clearly, Hunstman would be the best of the bunch. But his chances appear slim to none.

And our nation continues its slow, steady decline …