Rick Perry is my nightmare

You know what’s sad here? Mitt Romney hands Rick Perry his lunch here. I mean, he absolutely, positively, 100 percent clobbers him, and there’s no denying it.

And yet … people can be so blind. So friggin’ blind. And they clap like seals after a fish.

Look, do I like Mitt Romney as a future president? Of course not. But he was, unambiguously, a success as governor of Massachusetts. He’s a smart man with some OK ideas … who inspires absolutely no one and who flips and flops like a friggin’ hand clapper. It’s truly odd—the guy fits every presidential nod: Good looking—check. Presidential—check. Experience—check. Money—check.

But people don’t believe him, or believe in him.

Meanwhile, stupid Rick Perry walks to the plate, with that same W. swagger, and people swoon, as if 2000-2008 never occurred. Perry, literally, wants to end Social Security. I mean, he’s made that clear and clearer. It’s an essential program that seniors depend on—and he wants it gone. And the friggin’ sheep hear this and applaud.


Right now, the GOP presidential race has come down to, in my estimation, four people. Perry and Romney are on top, Ron Paul is extremely unlikely but not completely dead, and John Huntsman flutters as the sorta vanilla voice of reason. Clearly, Hunstman would be the best of the bunch. But his chances appear slim to none.

And our nation continues its slow, steady decline …

18 thoughts on “Rick Perry is my nightmare”

  1. He’s terrifying and that’s only the abominations he calls fiscal policy.

    He backpedaled on the only good thing he’s ever done (HPV vaccine) and his faith is a crime against nature.

    The American people are shown to be increasingly dumb to support someone as transparently transparent as this good-looking brain-dead Jesus-fried plutocrat.

  2. As someone who likely bought 100% into the Obama Hope & Change nonsense, I really don’t think it’s your place to call other people sheep.

    1. Nik, sheep accusation would be stronger if i were sitting here going baaaaahhhhh … plus, I voted for/supported a man who spoke about trying to bring the country together and working as one. that doesn’t make me a sheep—it makes me an optimist.

      those middle-class white rural voters applauding the death of social security? sheep. and dumb sheep at that.

  3. It’s easy to applaud the death of social security when you know you won’t be affected by it.

    I can’t see myself voting for any of them, but actually the shame of it is Newt Gingrich actually has made valid points…if you can get past his baggage that could fill an airport.

  4. What exactly was Pres. Obama’s specific plan to “bring the country together and work as one”?

    Voting for someone just because he discovered a few buzzwords/phrases capable of turning urban “elites” into mindless puddles of ooze isn’t being an optimist. It’s being a moron. And a sheep 😉

  5. Nik and Jeff are both right. I fell for Obama’s bullshit hook, line, and sinker and I deeply regret that. The man is an empty suit and probably among the 5 or 10 worst presidents in American history.

    However, within Obama’s bullshit at least was a positive vision for the future of the country. Rick Perry is talking about ending social security and Medicare. Anyone who thinks ending those programs will make America a better country isn’t thinking very clearly, and lacks a fundamental knowledge of history.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the conservative’s (or maybe at the very least some of the tea party) talking points about Obama’s health care plan is that it would take away the current govt benefits afforded to the poor and/or seniors like Medicaire, leading to what would eventually be the end of Social Security? Or at least some of the brainless even complaining about the possible additional programs that could be added because they didn’t want anything affecting their Social Security or Medicaire? And they thought this was bad? Yet here is Perry, a tea party favorite who…wants to get rid of Medicaire and Social Security? And he is good?

  7. The guy passes health care, saves the US auto industry, doesn’t raise taxes, passes a stimulus, ends DADT, kills Bin Laden, adds 2 female Supreme Court judges, ends the war in Iraq, enlists the UN to oust Gadaffi…..a real empty suit. Plus he’s the only sane adult running. And because our problems are more than an inch deep, I am not in a snit because the Prez didn’t solve the worlds problems in 5 minutes or 2 1/2 years. Obama’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t match each lie tossed at him with a corresponding lie. His behavior pisses off the liberals who think he won’t fight and the Repubs who can’t get under his skin. He’s still our best hope.

  8. Agree 100% with Tom. I’m someone who voted for Obama in 2008 and will do so again in 2012. He’s not the perfect president. You know what? No one is. There will never be a perfect president. He went into as bad of a situation as you can possibly get into. Has he gotten us out of it? Of course not, because that would take miracles.

    “But what has Obama done? Name one thing he’s done!”
    — Right-wing nuts and far-left dreamers.

    That list sums it up pretty well.

  9. No offense, but of course the lib/dem is going to vote Obama back in.

    The difference is the people he needs to win back are guys like me that are more independent, or moderate Republicans (yes, we exist 🙂 )

    If I had to vote today, I would vote Obama back in, but I would like it as much as I did when I voted Bush second term.

    I actually do like Hunstman, but for lack of a better expression, he comes off like a puss and doesn’t have the magnetic personality that you need to attract Joe and Judy redneck.

    I guess I’m just pissed off that in a country like this, these are our choices, including the incumbent.

  10. Mitt Romney,unambiguously, a success as governor of Massachusetts?????????

    The state ranked 47th in job creation…he did NOT run for re-election because he KNEW he was going to lose.

    Can you please tell us YOUR definition of what unambiguously means as well as success?

  11. Health care — passed it but gave up on public option without a fight. And if he loses in 2012, this achievement likely will be wiped off the books

    Saves auto industry — yes

    Doesn’t raise taxes — SHOULD have raised taxes on the wealthiest Americans. I consider this a failure.

    Passes a stimulus — yes, but too small of a stimulus

    And I will give him credit on the foreign policy front, where I think he has been quite effective.

    But unfortunately, he also has allowed the radical elements of the GOP to frame the national debate. Which is how we end up with debt ceiling agreements that are disastrous from low and middle income Americans.

    Plus, he has done little to nothing to reform the financial industry, which is how our economy was pushed to the brink in the first place.

    Sure he’s achieved some things but in my opinion his failures outweigh those achievements.

  12. Here’s what I find “funny” about this whole Tea Party movement and how they’ve had it with reckless government spending. For 5 years prior to Obama we spent approx. $800 billion in Iraq. We also lost over 4,000 troops. And, oh by the way, there was no legitmate reason to go to war there…Zero backlash from Tea Party. We get a new president who wants to provide all Americans with health care and improve a very flawed health system and they suddenly lose their shit over this? What am I missing?????

  13. As a Canadian who enjoys Jeff’s blog.. I just want to say, I feel really, really bad for you all. What was once the greatest country on earth is on its last legs, and your politicians and fundamentalist nationalists are to blame. Good luck sorting your shit out.
    And perhaps its my Canadian Bias,, but Jeff is 100% right on his stance on sheep. Never met a group of people so ignorant of who they are and who is exploiting them

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