Tuesday’s Sweet Spot: The (odd) Music of Walter Payton

So the original idea for these Sweet Spots belongs to Chris Dessi, former Mahopac High School classmate and managing partner at Drive Action Digital. Chris advised me to “let people inside … show them the process.” Which, I’ve gotta say, has been a genuine blast. Pure fun.

Today’s Sweet Spot is, easily, the most fun of all. It concerns a topic near and dear to my heart—the music of Walter Payton.

In the 2 1/2 years I researched and wrote Sweetness, I was exposed to an insanely large amount of Walter Payton-related tunes. I mean, you’d be absolutely shocked how much is out there. Sadly, I didn’t get to use much of it in the book, even though I wanted to. Some things just don’t fit, sadly.

Hence, the above video.

I’d be remiss, for the record, were I to not mention Jarrett Payton, Walter’s oldest son, who has embarked on a hiphop career of his own. I don’t have the clips handy, by Google his name and skim around. Some extremely creative stuff.