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An ENORMOUS thrill for me …

Appeared on ESPN Radio’s “Hardly Workin’ With Greg Burton” yesterday afternoon (I do a weekly segment), and Greg agreed to play DJ White Owl’s new song as the intro.

This might sound sorta odd—but a HUGE thrill for me. First, because White Owl is a wonderful man and a killer rapper. Second, because it’s a song about my book, and that’s pretty damn exciting. Third—well, not sure. Just loved hearing it, and loved knowing that someone gave the tune some love.

Several years ago a guy I knew wrote a song for his own book—and it was pretty bad. When I asked Owl to come up with something—and he agreed—I was determined that it couldn’t be corny or goofy or … whatever. I went to the right guy. Owl took so much pride in this project; put an immense amount of thought into it.

In fact, in case you missed it below is one of the sessions he did—in my dining room. Was a blast …