Barack Obama and hope turned to sludge

I will, in all likelihood, vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

Why? First, because Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are crazy.

Second, because I’m liberal.

Third, because, uh, well, hmmm … yeah. Right.

Truth is, despite some great moments (Osama, Libya, auto, health care), Barack Obama has been a terrible disappointnment, and most honest Democrats I know feel the same way. I know … I know—the Republicans won’t work with him; they’re out to ruin him; etc. True, true. But in times of turmoil and anger and hostility, one requires leadership and strength and fire. Where in the world is Barack Obama’s fire? He compromises on absolutely everything, and when compromise doesn’t work he merely caves. He’s been humbled and humiliated by John Boehner repeatedly, to the point where one must ask which one is the president and which one is the speaker?

But the worst part of it all … the thing that absolutely kills me, is that Barack Obama—the man who brought hope and inspiration to millions of Americans in 2008—has contributed to the deaths of hope and inspiration. He is living, in-the-flesh proof that it doesn’t really matter; that whether we elect a Democrat or a Republican, politics is politics and money is money and nothing … will … ever … change. Shortly after he was elected, Obama—riding an unparalleled high—smacked his supporters across their collective faces by filling his cabinet with Washington and Wall Street (Wall Street!?) insiders. The man who barked “Change! Change! Change!” went with the “Same! Same! Same!” And now, here we are. Stuck, uninspired, going nowhere fast.

Do I blame the president for our problems? Some yes. Most—no. Factually, he inhertited a mess from George W. Bush. A surpluss turned to mush. Two unnecessary wars—both costing billions upon billions. What I blame him for, however, is fooling me. I believed in the man’s message. I really did. I bought change and hope. I wanted it; fucking needed it.

But here we are. No change, no hope. Washington as messed up as ever.

I’ll vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

But I won’t blame those who don’t.

11 thoughts on “Barack Obama and hope turned to sludge”

  1. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, the only two candidates who won’t fill their cabinet with Wall Street bigwigs and DC lobbyists; who will work to restore civil liberties to America; who will work to end the disastrous War On Drugs, and who will put an end to our unnecessary foreign wars.

    Vote principles in 2012, not political parties.

  2. Do you mind if I post this on a conservative webste?
    I’m doing a story about why Liberals Hate Obama and this is a good article.

  3. I agree, though I’m not sure I will vote for anyone.
    I’m going to have to see what happens between now and election day.
    So far every single GOP candidate scares me.

  4. I agree with Jeff about Obama. He really has done some good things. But he has been terrible on civil liberty issues, from Wikileaks to other whistleblowers. He has basically carried on a lot of the Bush Cheney agenda. He promised to close Gitmo but hasn’t. He has backed off from trying some of the high profile Al Queda people in the U.S. It is true that Republicans have basically obstructed everything he has wanted to do no matter what it is. If he showed the American public that he was actually pushing for policies that would make things better, that people would support him more. Plus it would show how obstructionist republicans really are. What amazes me is that if you look at the polls Congress’s approval rating is way down there. I am sure that includes republicans in Congress. Yet they may gain even more seats next year.

  5. Poor Pearlman….he didn’t get the Utopia he thought he was promised….boo hoo. And Bush didn’t overturn Roe v. Wade either. It’s call PANDERING and BOTH parties do it. Grow UP!!
    Makes no sense to dis a guy but then say I’ll probably vote for him anyway.

  6. Jeff, I am sorry you were so gullable that you believed all that HOPE & CHANGE Obama was spouting. The man never had any intention of doing anything other than what he DID do. He is nothing but a puppet & the people pulling his strings are NOT holding America & it’s people in there best interest. The two wars as you say cost billions & billions yes but Salyndra lost 1/2 a Trillion by itself. A lot of what cost for a war is the American Soldier. Remember him, he’s the one that keeps America Free & gives us the right to voice our opinion. Does Obama care for them? NO he doesn’t. When Congress was having the debate to raise the debt ceiling remember Obama threatened that Seniors would not get there SS checks, and the military would not get paid. Just threats. The man acts like a spoiled child, when he doesn’t get what he wants, he threatens. I myself will do everything I can to get this idiot out of office. I really feel sorry for him as he ‘bit off more than he could chew’ and to save America, HE MUST GO or we are toast. If you con’t like any of the other people running, I suggest Herman Cain. He is NOT a career politician & I know he knows how to run a business…poor Obama didn’t even have enough qualifications to be his own Secret Service Agent or for that matter even run a McDonalds. We aren’t being mean to Obama trying to get him out of office….I think we’ll be doing him a favor. He is way over his head & is about to sludge he’s made of this country.

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