Barack Obama and hope turned to sludge

I will, in all likelihood, vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

Why? First, because Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are crazy.

Second, because I’m liberal.

Third, because, uh, well, hmmm … yeah. Right.

Truth is, despite some great moments (Osama, Libya, auto, health care), Barack Obama has been a terrible disappointnment, and most honest Democrats I know feel the same way. I know … I know—the Republicans won’t work with him; they’re out to ruin him; etc. True, true. But in times of turmoil and anger and hostility, one requires leadership and strength and fire. Where in the world is Barack Obama’s fire? He compromises on absolutely everything, and when compromise doesn’t work he merely caves. He’s been humbled and humiliated by John Boehner repeatedly, to the point where one must ask which one is the president and which one is the speaker?

But the worst part of it all … the thing that absolutely kills me, is that Barack Obama—the man who brought hope and inspiration to millions of Americans in 2008—has contributed to the deaths of hope and inspiration. He is living, in-the-flesh proof that it doesn’t really matter; that whether we elect a Democrat or a Republican, politics is politics and money is money and nothing … will … ever … change. Shortly after he was elected, Obama—riding an unparalleled high—smacked his supporters across their collective faces by filling his cabinet with Washington and Wall Street (Wall Street!?) insiders. The man who barked “Change! Change! Change!” went with the “Same! Same! Same!” And now, here we are. Stuck, uninspired, going nowhere fast.

Do I blame the president for our problems? Some yes. Most—no. Factually, he inhertited a mess from George W. Bush. A surpluss turned to mush. Two unnecessary wars—both costing billions upon billions. What I blame him for, however, is fooling me. I believed in the man’s message. I really did. I bought change and hope. I wanted it; fucking needed it.

But here we are. No change, no hope. Washington as messed up as ever.

I’ll vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

But I won’t blame those who don’t.