The strangest Walter Payton video ever seen

In the course of researching Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, I’ve come across tons and tons and tons of video footage. Walter at Jackson State, Walter with the Bears, Walter showing off his restaurant, Walter being inducted into the College and Pro Football Hall of Fames.

This, however, well, uh … yeah.

There are some things a person only does once or twice in a lifetime. Skydiving. Dancing with Menudo. Eating poop-covered rice. And, of course, witnessing Walter Payton getting increasingly excited as he turns on a turkey.

Enjoy …

PS: A Q&A I did today with Big thanks to an excellent site.

10 thoughts on “The strangest Walter Payton video ever seen”

  1. Hunting is a lot of work that leads up to one brief time where it all comes together and you have success…or not. So yeah, it’s pretty normal to get excited when that moment comes around.

    I guess if you don’t hunt it may seem a little unique.

  2. Watched the video 3 times. Did not see Walter getting “increasingly excited” at all. Saw him stay calm, follow directions and get the kill. Apparently more of your hyperbole Jeff.

    When you have time Jeff, you should sit down and review YOUR responsibilities as a journalist. One of them is NOT to bring pain and agony to the family of a man who – unlike you – gave so much to so many. I am sure Walter used painkillers and DMSO (so did most athletes at your college – what kind of “sports writer” doesn’t know that??) and probably had an affair or two…and your point? Shame on you Jeff – the book on Walter is beneath you. For my part, I have stopped reading Si and WSJ as long as they employ you. The lesson Jeff is that all we know about people does not need to be printed. Try and develop some class and a sense of propriety – it will serve you well.

  3. Why does some TRUD always feel the need to tell the truth about things that could have well left alone. I could have gone to my grave not knowing these things about Walter Payton. You are a coward.

  4. You are gutless, there is no point to this book at all!!! Only to make money!! Never step foot in Chicago again! This book is a load of bullshit!

  5. you are a total loser. How dare you defame such a wonderful guy. Apparently, all your interested in is whatever money you make on your garbage,slander rag you call a book. I knew Walter, not closely, but had many discussions with him kind of out and about. I am a regular nobody guy and he would take time out to talk to anybody. Very gracious and likable fella. You make me sick and I hope you crawl back under the rock you came from. I hope people boycott any organization you are a member of until they disassociate from you. DROP DEAD.

    1. Interesting. I like the Video, I know Walter was an avid hunter and fisherman. Good Stuff.

      I grew up watching Walter. As biog a fan as anyone. I remember carding him at the Gingerman night club downtown when a fight broke out and I had to go attend to my job. Walter looked for me for 15 minutes because I still had his drivers license. I wish he hadnt found me, it would be so cool to have his drivers license.

      I personally can handle the fact that Walter was human. As long as everything in the book is true I am ok with it. I will also continue to celebrate Walters life regardless.

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