Drive: A film only a critic could love (and he’s probably lying)

Just back from Drive, the new film starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan.

In a word: Crap.

I just had this discussion, via Facebook IM, with my pal Greg Orlando. There are certain films, starring certain actors, based on a certain genre, that critics are pretty much required to love. Drive is one of those films. It features Gosling, one of the best thespians out there, as a stunt driver/getaway driver with sweats a lot and is quite good at stomping heads. Mulligan is his love interest, though they only kiss once. Maybe twice.

If one visits Drive at Rotten Tomatoes, he’ll find that 92 percent of critics love it. I must believe this really means that 92 percent of critics felt as if they were supposed to love it, because it’s dark and artsy and features Gosling. Truth be told, the film is bad. Really bad. Gratuitously violent, often confusing, sorta dull and, at the end, thoroughly lacking any sort of satisfaction. If you love dark soundtracks and constant scowls, this film is for you.

Otherwise, well, a new Muppet movie arrives shortly.

3 thoughts on “Drive: A film only a critic could love (and he’s probably lying)”

  1. Just got back from the movie and liked it, although I didn’t expect the dialogue to be as quiet or have as many beats between what the actors were saying. Understandably, that put people off and I was laughing AT that a bit because I can’t believe they got away with making a mainstream artsy action movie. Audiences expected to probably see something similar to FAST AND FURIOUS (I genuinely enjoy those movies for the awesomely bad pieces of shit that they are), so joke is on them. Loved the soundtrack for it. Violence? Yeah, I liked that too. The opening car chase scene after the robbery was awesome. That was the best part about the movie for me. I’m just glad that Ryan Gosling is finally making guy’s guy movies. He’s about to hit his stride and get the roles that he wants to get left and right.

    I still kind of resent you a bit for THE CABLE GUY and how that was one of your 5 favorite movies. I checked that out earlier this year based off of your recommendation and that’s a piece of shit. Didn’t laugh once. And I generally like Jim Carrey, but that was a big miss.

  2. Nothing wrong with disliking a movie most critics or most moviegoers like, but saying a critic is required to like a movie and assuming that all the people who do like it are doing it because they’re “required” to do so and deep-down don’t like it and are just pretending to like it is a copout.

  3. It’s a heavily overrated movie, that’s for sure. I loved the soundtrack, I must say. But Drive is what happens when you completely ride style over any substance. The opening getaway chase scene was spectacular, and a great potential set-up of whatever would possibly come next. And then the rest of it came, and it was as boring as it was pretentious. I totally agree with you that this is a movie that a critic must love, lest he/she be called a “savage” by his/her fellow [clueless] critics.

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