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Drive: A film only a critic could love (and he’s probably lying)

Just back from Drive, the new film starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan.

In a word: Crap.

I just had this discussion, via Facebook IM, with my pal Greg Orlando. There are certain films, starring certain actors, based on a certain genre, that critics are pretty much required to love. Drive is one of those films. It features Gosling, one of the best thespians out there, as a stunt driver/getaway driver with sweats a lot and is quite good at stomping heads. Mulligan is his love interest, though they only kiss once. Maybe twice.

If one visits Drive at Rotten Tomatoes, he’ll find that 92 percent of critics love it. I must believe this really means that 92 percent of critics felt as if they were supposed to love it, because it’s dark and artsy and features Gosling. Truth be told, the film is bad. Really bad. Gratuitously violent, often confusing, sorta dull and, at the end, thoroughly lacking any sort of satisfaction. If you love dark soundtracks and constant scowls, this film is for you.

Otherwise, well, a new Muppet movie arrives shortly.