Sweet Spot 11: My personal office space (where the magic happens)

I usually work in Starbucks, Cosi or Panera.

But, on occasion, I lock myself downstairs.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Spot 11: My personal office space (where the magic happens)”

  1. I love the Hall & Oates cover, and especially the “ugly lamp” from your mom. How endearing is that?! Thanks for the peek into your world.

  2. If I ever see you in person I will beat you until you feel the pain that you’ve unjustly caused so many people. Sooner or later we’ll all see who the prophet is and we’ll all be judged then. I know you will spend all of eternity rotting in hell where you belong.

  3. What a nutless coward you are for the sweetness book , the other books you wrote on Barry Bonds we don’t mind because he cheated and we know he cheated , Roger Clemens , we know he cheated also… However to do the book on Payton , is disrespectful , and makes you look balless , He overcome alot of problems , physical , mental , and still was the greatest running back of all time , if he was healthy he would of retired with 20,000 yards… Meanwhile you taking a jab at a man who passed away unselfishly and has helped so many people and you haven’t done a thing besides of course whore yourself.

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