The Departure of Terry Francona

Back in the day, managers stuck. If you were succesful, and good, and a team-first guy, a franchise would keep you on for years and years. This was before George Steinbrenner came along and made skipper firing an annual ritual. Loyalty was valued. More than valued.

No longer.

Terry Francona is out as Boston’s manager—and I’m sickened. This is a man who took a sad franchise and won two miraculous World Series titled; a man who treated people respectfully and decently; a man who knew how to handle the media and who was liked by his players and coaches.

So why was he dumped? Apparently, two reasons: 1. He was too soft; 2. His team choked down the stretch.

Not fair.

If I’m the White Sox or Cubs or any other team looking for a new manager, I call Francona ASAP. Is he the best inning-by-inning strategist? I don’t know.

But he wins.