Vision in New York, by Michael Lewis

A guest post by Michael J. Lewis on New York’s odd decision …

This story made me fairly pissed.
New York state reversed a law enacted in 2000, and now will no longer require drivers to pass a vision test if they want to renew their license.
Yep, any old person can “self-certify” that their vision is good enough to see an onrushing tractor-trailer or a squirrel jumping out in the middle of the road.
Or, you know, a STOP SIGN!!!!!!!!
Nobody has ever listened to me about this, but I have always believed that after the age of 50, motorists should be required to re-take a road test every five years. I said this even before I lived in Florida for five years, the state with more old people driving than palm trees.
It’s ridiculous how easy it is to keep a driver’s license in America. And now, New York state has just made it even easier.
Good job.

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  1. OK I clicked post and forgot to do my math, now I have to rewrite the whole thing.
    Your old site didn’t have that problem. Went back and the post was still there waiting for the code.
    50 year old’s and up aren’t the problem. We have been wearing glasses long enough that we get ’em checked on a regular basis.
    Can’t spot the babes if you can’t see.
    It is the 40 year old’s that are the problem. They figure the babes don’t want some old fart wearing glasses.
    The 40 year old folk are trying to deny they are getting older so they put off getting eye exams.
    We old people are used to it.
    Have YOU had your eyes checked?

  2. NYS suspended this on change on Friday. Too bad for my (33 y/o, well-sighted) wife, who missed her window to renew online w/out needing a test and who now has to shoehorn a trip to the DMV into her day.

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