Sweetness arrives II

My dad is one of the smartest cats out there. A few minutes ago he sent me an e-mail saying, in short, “Why focus the negative on such a positive day?” He’s absolutely right.

I am a father, a husband, a happy guy who has been fortunate enough to live out his dream and write about sports/life for a living. Any gripes are, ultimately, silly. I believe most people who read Sweetness will like Sweetness; and love Walter Payton. If I’m wrong, apologies.

Here, courtesy of Bobby Fetter, blog regular, is a photo of the day. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sweetness arrives II”

  1. Jeff, you are a confusing writer. You leave an unflattering pic of Ditka cause he is upset with your book?

    Honestly, to me, you are a jeckle and hyde writer. I’m a Mets fan, so loved your book about them. I hate the Cowboys, so loved that too. I hate Clemens….and john Rocker. Is that all you have?

    All of your success is built on hate. Then you throw in these beautiful essays about homeless in Italy?

    No biggie, but I’m done. I’m no Bears fan, at all. But I really thought you were about more. You are still just the John Rocker interview. No more. I ‘m sure it pays well. Negativity always does.

    Oh, read the book? Yeah, you have said that a lot and shown that is all you really care about.

    Damn. I was checking you everyday, for political and all these cool insights you wrote about.

    I could imagine YOU writing to Jeff Pearlman about exposing too much of Payton, what about his family etc. But you actually wrote it. For money. Just for money.

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