Sweetness arrives

So Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, arrives everywhere today. Here’s the Amazon link, if you’re interested.

Why do I consider Walter Payton an 800-times better man now than I did three years ago? Because, despite his myriad issues, he fought. And fought. And friggin’ fought. He strove for a level of personal greatness that was, more than likely, unattainable. But he kept fighting. Until the end.

That’s courage.

13 thoughts on “Sweetness arrives”

  1. It’s your fault for releasing that part of the book as an excerpt if it’s not representative of the whole thing. You knew what you were doing. You wanted buzz for your book and it sorta backfired on you.

    1. That’s exactly what it was, a total sleezebag ploy on Pearlman and Sports Illustrated. Just shows the type of class you are dealing with here. Walter Payton did not deserve this at all! I’m glad the family was at the Bears game Sunday though and gave them total support. Also, Pearlman states this is 3 years of his life writing this sleezy trash, so in my opinion sounds like he himself needs to get a life!

  2. Jason makes a great point.
    you can’t complain about the excerpt being misleading or not representative of the book (and I’m sure it is) when you had some say in releasing the excerpt.
    that said, anyone who hasn’t read it but still rips it is an idiot, including Ditka.

  3. To be quite honest, I didn’t know the existence of the book but because of all the controversy re: the SI excerpt it seems like a fascinating book on a the man – Walter Payton and not just the player…I think we tend to forget that he was a man 1st then a player and like everyone else in this world is flawed one or another…some more flawed than others..can’t wait to read the book to understand the WHOLE man…

  4. The excerpt gave you exactly what it should have created when you bring out the shortcomings of a deceased heroic legend. Congrats are in order I suppose? Might want to be careful what you wish for in the future.

    PS. If you’re going to be a famous writer, your blog probably shouldn’t have a typo when insulting a HOF’er. (commericlas?) Poetic justice, huh…

  5. I can’t wait to read the book. I comment I read, said you did not interview Ditka for the book. Is that true? Did you at least try?

  6. Mr. Pearlman,

    It’s easy to understand why you would respond to the ignorant and hate-filled comments. However, I would also like to hear you address the legitimate critique of why select that particular excerpt if it is not representative of the entire book? Did you have control over the selection of the excerpt? If not, I imagine you have some negative views about the publisher as well?

    If you did have some say, how can you be surprised about the critical reaction (critical, not the hate-filled BS that you refer to in your post)? What audience where you trying to attract? It seems like you (or the publisher), fearing low-sales numbers (a factor you mentioned when selection Walter Payton as your subject), made the decision to maximize publicity by offering the most appealing topics in our TMZ-obsessed world – cheating and drugs.

    Maybe I’m wrong, please educate me….

  7. Did you guys read the excerpt? It was fine. It wasn’t written tabloid-style at all. Not whatsoever. If Jeff should be pissed at anyone, it should be the independent publications who wrote headlines like, “New book reveals Payton’s infidelity, drug problem.” That is severely oversimplifying what Jeff wrote, and he and SPorts Illustrated have no control over what others choose to zero in on.

  8. If it weren’t for the so-called controversy over this bio it may not have been on my radar. I’m running over to B&N tonight to pick up a copy. Thanks Ditka!!

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