Sweetness: The book contest giveaway …

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1. How old was Walter Payton when he died?

2. Name four college teammates of Walter’s who wound up in the NFL.

3. When Walter Payton broke Jim Brown’s all-time rushing record, what Seattle Seahawk halfback was also in pursuit?

4. Walter was one of two Bears to be blue-screened into the Super Bowl Shuffle video Who was the other one?

5. What is Eddie Payton’s NFL claim to fame?

6. Walter Payton considered returning to the NFL two years after he retired. What team was he thinking of joining?

7. Walter was the fourth pick of the 1975 NFL Draft. Who were the three players chosen ahead of him?

8. How many Bears offensive linemen were Pro Bowlers between 1975-79?

9. What quarterback started Walter’s first game for the Bears?

10. What advice did Willie Gault offer to Walter to make him a faster runner?

Tie-breaker: One sentence—why do Hall & Oates belong/not belong in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?

Again—all answers to

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