The above tattoo belongs to my sister in law. I dig it. Simple. Classy. Relatively quick.

And yet … I just can’t pull the trigger. I like tattoos, to a certain degree. And I definitely like tattoos with genuine meaning (as in, not some Asian symbols that mean Pasta and Cheese Thursdays). But, at this point, getting one would feel awfully unoriginal; almost as if it’s a stronger statement not to make the statement at all.

2 thoughts on “Tattoos”

  1. Nothing against those that get them, but I personally have never seen the sense of a tattoo.
    Of course I have never been all that much into fashion.
    I dated a woman that had a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder.
    Had it done when she was young – she hated it when she got older and wanted it removed. It was nothing offensive she just didn’t like it any more.
    To me that is a real problem with tattoo’s, as we age we change. That awesome “born to lose” tattoo we got in our 20’s just doesn’t fit in our 50’s.
    And yes I did see someone with a “born to lose” tattoo.

  2. My brother got an eagle head tattoo on his shoulder as soon as he turned 18 and I make fun of him for it as often as I can. I’m glad I didn’t get a tattoo when I was 18 – I still love the Simpsons but I’m not sure a Flying Hellfish tattoo would be all that cool now. Actually, I take that back. It would be awesome.

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