Who is Tim Tebow?

In following (and, truthfully, enjoying) Tebow Magic over the past bunch of weeks, I’m torn over who, exactly, the quarterback is—and will ultimately be. Here are my three categories:

1. Jackie Robinson Cooper—In The Kid from Left Field, Gary Coleman plays “J.R. Cooper,” a little kid who becomes the San Diego Padres’ good-luck charm and ultimately (if memory serves) manager. He has no real skill or ability, but players believe in him. And, gosh heck, you gotta believe!

2. Mark Fidrych: In the magical year of 1976, the Detroit Tigers rookie went 19-9 with a 2.34 ERA, winning AL Rookie of the Year, as well as the hearts of fans everywhere. The Bird was, simply, a quirky, goofy guy who came off as the average man. He talked to baseballs, scratched up the mound, celebrated like a fan. He was, well, you. Then—POP!—it ended. Injuries, ineffectivess. But it was one magical little run.

3. Steve Young: The BYU product, as everyone knows, could run, could throw (lefty!), could lead the troops. He goes down as one of the great quarterbacks in NFL history, but started as a mere curiosity, a la Tebow. The man just needed a chance to show what he could do.

So who is Tim Tebow?

My guess …

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  1. Spot on Jeff….Been trying to think of a great comparison to this improbable Tebow-mania and I think you nailed it with Fidrych. I also think that the biggest thing the media isnt picking up on is the fact that Tebow takes all the pressure off every other Bronco and they are playing a lot better because of it.

  2. I loved that movie Jeff! And yes, he becomes manager and leads the Padres to the World Series. Robert Guillaume played his dad, I think.

  3. Great analysis (though I personally think the Broncos are winning “in spite of” instead of “because of” Tebow)…but c’mon Jeff…when are we going to get your take on Ryan Braun?

  4. The whole Tebow thing has been a lot of fun.
    I love the fact so many have written him off without giving him a chance and he goes out and wins.
    My gut tells me he’s the The Bird.
    My gut also told me he would lose more than he would win.
    With some thought…
    I don’t think he is Steve Young by a long shot, but I think he goes longer than The Bird.

  5. my only thing against this analogy is that Mark Fidrych put up great numbers his rookie year; those numbers are cy young worthy numbers, he won rookie of the year and had a PROMISING future ahead of him despite being quirky. Sadly, due to injury he didn’t pan out. Tebow’s numbers are not good, certainly not good enough to call him rookie of the year or indicate any future success off of the numbers. my stance on this is tim tebow isn’t like anyone, he’s tim tebow. unlike steve young who is a hall of fame quarterback who was just sitting there as a back up, he HAD promise and talent at that position. Like the aformentioned Fidrych, he HAD talent and lost it due to injury. Tebow is not that, he doesn’t have QB’ing skills….but he sure can lead.

  6. Oh, man, I remember Bird Mania! I was 11 at the time. The Bird hit biggest in Detroit, of course, but he also hit big here in MA because he was from here. And for an 11-year-old kid, a big league pitcher that talked to the ball was the coolest thing ever.

  7. I realize that by the time you OK my post SI will have changed but at this moment there is one of the most moronic hypes of a story I have seen in a while.
    With the T guy having his arms outstretched and images of Tiger, Clooney, Gaga, and others beneath them.
    The headline reading;
    Studies Show that Tebow has Transcended Sports and is Now in the Same Stratosphere as Celebrities Like Lady Gaga and George Clooney
    The story that follows is written by Richard Deitsch.
    I am enjoying the Tebow thing, as so many keep saying how bad he is yet he has made a loser into a winner – His QB rating isn’t all that bad either.
    This headline though almost made me hurl.
    Not just because of him but also because of our psychotic lust for celebrities.
    Take a peek, maybe it will still be there as part of their rotating front page splash.

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