Why the Knicks are rolling, by Brian Turnbull

As readers of this site know, I like to give young writers a place to show their stuff. Today Brian Turnbull, pride of the Bronx and a die-hard Knicks fan, explains why his team is about to take the next step (art courtesy of Dante Turnbull, his ultra-talented younger bro) …

For years the Knicks have been viewed as one of the worst teams in the NBA.

Overpaid players … one bad trade after another … bloated contracts—and no mater plan to speak of. Then, something happened. The Knicks took a huge step toward winning a championship last summer when they signed Amare Stoudamire, the All-Star forward, and added Raymond Felton, an emerging point guard. Even when Felton was traded, the Knicks wound up improving by adding Chaucy Billups and the amazing Carmelo Anthony. Suddenly, the Knicks were locks to make the playoffs. And even though they were swept by the aging Celtics, the season was a success.

Now they open the season against the Celtics on Christmas Day at the Garden. It’s going to be an amazing season.

After the five-month lockout the Knicks have made another big move In getting Tyson Chandler—forming one of the elite frontcourts in the NBA. Moreover, they have picked up Mike Bibby, a former All-Star, to play point guatd, and return the valuable Jarred Jefferies (sadly, we lost Billups. But we won’t forget the awesome three he hit against Miami). With Melom Amare And Chandler in the frontcoach and a stronger defensive presence, the Knicks look like the team to beat in the east. The Knicks had the offense—and now the defense.

Even if we don’t win it all, it’ll be a great season.