Super Bowl on a plane

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in row 15, seat C on a Delta flight from New York to Portland. I mistakingly booked a non-refundable ticket a bunch of weeks ago, somehow forgetting to check, RE: Super Bowl Sunday.

In hindsight, all worked out.

I had my own Super Bowl party, complete with an egg salad sandwich, a bottle of Dr. Pepper, some cookies and a seat-back mini-TV. I even had a couple of friends watching along with me. Here they are …

The game was classic. And while there’s something to be said for real Super Bowl parties, I’m not one to enjoy banter during the big game. So, despite the size of the screen and despite Ethel (I gave her that name) hogging the arm rest and despite some rocky moments (literally. I loathe shaky air), this was a pretty not awful experience.

Some highlights:

1. Foot gets run over by beverage cart.

2. Ethel gets up to use the bathroom, and I miss two plays.

3. Burp up my egg-salad sandwich.

And New York wins again …